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(86) The example of India

Broadcast: The coronavirus update from NDR Info | 04/27/2021 | 17:39 | by Korinna Hennig
103 min | Available until December 31, 2099

How dwindling antibodies are affecting pandemic dynamics. And what that means for the vaccination strategy.

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00:10:34 Immune Escape in the Indian variant B.1.617
00:14:44 Role of IgA antibodies in the spread of the virus
00:24:00 Significance of the age structure in India
00:32:07 IgA antibodies on the mucous membrane are disappearing
00:41:51 IgA antibodies in vaccinated subjects
00:52:30 “Non-responder”: No antibodies after infection, rarely
00:58:15 US data on vaccination safety for pregnant women
01:04:19 Risks for pregnant women with Covid-19
01:09:20 Pros and cons of child vaccination
01:15:55 Decoupling of incidence and ICU bed development
01:27:51 role of rapid tests and B.1.1.7
01:35:44 Federal emergency brake and the example of Hamburg
01:38:44 Socio-economic inequality

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Not a day goes by without new messages to the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. We have long since got used to measures such as face mask, distance and hygiene rules. And there is still no end in sight to the pandemic. In our weekly podcast we want to provide reliable information about new research findings. What about a vaccine? How is the test strategy developing? Is there any hope of a drug? The NDR science editors Korinna Hennig and Beke Schulmann speak alternately with Christian Drosten, head of virology at the Berlin Charité, and with Sandra Ciesek, head of the Institute for Medical Virology at the University Hospital Frankfurt. It shouldn't be about scaremongering - on the contrary: the podcast "Coronavirus Update" wants to inform, classify and provide background information.

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