What snacks are good at Whole Foods

Despite stress: productive through the day with whole foods

Choosing healthy foods is not difficult. First there is the slogan "Eat five a day." Experts summarize that on a balanced menu there is plenty of fruit and vegetables every day. These foods only provide a few calories, but are real vitamin and mineral bombs. In addition to fruit and vegetables, potatoes and cereal products are ideal sources of nutrients for a healthy diet. Daily potatoes, cereal, and bread are a pretty good idea. These foods provide the energy for a long day - especially in the whole grain version. Then they fill you up in the long term and prevent food cravings. What the body is now missing are proteins and fats. High-quality protein is provided by lean meat, fish, but also legumes and nuts. Healthy fats come primarily from plants. Oils from rapeseed and olives, as well as nuts and seeds, provide the energy-rich fitness makers. So if you spend a little time planning a healthy diet, you will easily achieve your goal with high-quality food. But what if you don't have time in everyday life?

Eat balanced when you are under stress

Plenty of fruit and vegetables, whole grain products and a little meat - this knowledge has long been known. What sounds simple often fails because of little things and can become a real challenge in stressful everyday life. Whole foods can be a good idea for those who want to eat a balanced diet despite a short lunch break. These are products that can replace a whole meal. At Juice Plus +, for example, you can choose from shakes, bars and a vegan soup. The trick with the whole food concepts: the meals are packaged in portions, prepared in no time and provide the ideal combination of nutrients. This includes vitamins and minerals, but also protein and necessary fats, carbohydrates and fiber. Depending on the manufacturer, around two meals a day can be replaced. The time savings are enormous with a coordinated nutrient supply.

If the time between meals is too long, healthy snacks can be used: Fruits or vegetables with their low calorie content are at the top of the list. But nuts are also a good idea. Although they are high in calories, they also have a lot to offer. Walnuts in particular are real brain food.

integrate health into daily routines

The more healthy habits are integrated into everyday life, the better. Sufficiently restful sleep, daily exercise and healthy meals are the building blocks that make up a healthy life. The balanced diet includes a full breakfast, followed by a balanced lunch and a varied dinner. Those who stick to the simple rules are doing something good for their body. And for those days when it just doesn't work out, products like Complete by Juice Plus + offer a simple alternative. Daily exercise can be achieved through sport, but also through conscious decisions. Stairs instead of an elevator, a walk instead of a soup coma after lunch - everyday life is already a bit more lively. For restful nights, we need a cozy bed, quiet surroundings and ideally regular bedtime.