Where is Cantonese spoken 1

Cantonese / 廣東話 / 广东话


Guangdong / Canton

Guangdong is one of the southernmost provinces and has a strong relationship with Southeast Asia. Many Chinese living abroad are originally from Guangdong and also maintain their old language and traditions in their new homeland.

Cantonese / 廣東話 / 广东话

The Cantonese language (Chinese 廣東話 / 广东话 Guǎngdōnghuà, Cantonese Gwóngdūngwah) or Yue (Chinese 粵語 / 粤语 Yuèyǔ, Kant. Yuhtyúh) is a Chinese language or a dialect of the Chinese language, which is mainly found in southern China in Guangxi, Guizhou and is spoken in Guangdong. It is spoken in the two special administrative areas of Hong Kong and Macao as well as in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Yue is largely identical in structure to Putonghua, the standard Chinese. The pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar, on the other hand, are very different from Chinese.

You can see the difference between standard Chinese and Cantonese in the distinctive pronunciation. While almost all final consonants have disappeared in standard Chinese, the final consonants have largely been preserved in Cantonese. This is what makes Cantonese sound special.

In addition, there are 9 tones in Cantonese, also from ancient Chinese, and only 4 in standard Chinese.


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