Who did you enjoy working with the most?

Which colleagues do you enjoy working with?

Questions about work ethic and motivation

Which colleagues do you enjoy working with? With which colleagues less like?

This is meant

Since communication is becoming increasingly important in companies, the importance of relationship questions like this and the previous ones in the interview is enormous: Answers are required that show that you are willing to actively contribute to a good and productive working atmosphere. The difference to the previous questions is therefore more significant than it seems: here it is specifically about cooperation and the ability to set aside personal animosities in your favor.

This is how you should answer

By listing properties that are generally recognized (honesty, hard work, reliability) you won't do anything wrong, but you will also not lure anyone out from behind the stove. It is better to make it clear here that you measure a good cooperation by the conflict resolution of each individual: Your colleague as a critical partner who contributes to a good job performance together with you. Such a system is characterized by the fact that the exchange of information works smoothly and without constant inquiries: that he contributes proactively and with good suggestions: that he knows how to work independently and responsibly and also keeps his nerve in critical situations; that he criticizes constructively and tolerates criticism himself; that he is loyal and that you can rely on him one hundred percent in matters of fact; that he maintains a friendly tone and that his way of working is useful and committed to the project as a whole.

When asked about the negative characteristics, the following also applies here: Absolutely nothing to say about specific people! And: keep it short. Possibilities are: disloyal, conflict-averse, unfriendly, opinionated, lazy, incompetent, resentful, personal in criticism. If you "convey" at the same time that you have of course always found an objective level in dealing with people who have unpleasant characteristics, you will reap additional bonus points: After all, you are not perfect yourself either.


This question tests your social skills. As a general guideline for your answer you should serve: Show that you appreciate cooperative working relationships with your colleagues.

Questions about work ethic and motivation