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Significant ISP change in Google Analytics

Google Analytics removes network dimensions

The starting position and challenge

So far, you could find out which companies have visited your website with Google Analytics. This possibility existed in the form of the network dimensions "Service provider" and "Network domain”In your Analytics account. With the help of the ISP (Internet Service Provider) it was possible Evaluate website visits from B2B customers. Larger companies often have a business line, which means that the company name is specifically displayed in your Analytics account.

These results were then used, for example, to contact the respective company in order to win them over as customers. In addition, with the help of this analysis tool, reports on spam and bot traffic could be generated and tracked down.

However, these excellent dimensions were made without any notice from GoogleAnalyticsremoved and are no longer available since February 4th, 2020. You can recognize this by the fact that the dimensions in your account as "(not set)" are displayed.

Our approach

Although the network dimensions immense potential it is currently little known that this information can still be determined. Hence the questions arise:

  1. W.ow does it work? and
  2. What options exist to highlight these key figures anyway?

The implementation takes place with the help of an IpMeta plug-in. In this way the lost dimensions are restored.

This approach also enables the establishment of another dimension. The resulting advantage: service providers are filtered according to company type so that the results are always optimally organized.

Nevertheless, evaluate website visits from B2B customers

So that all three dimensions are available to you and you can continue to achieve your analysis results, it is necessary to load a script on your website. This will extract the relevant data and make it available in your account.

We would be happy to help you set up ...!

TILL.DE also recommends that you create a Data Studio Reports. With this, you can present your results visually and clearly. The report is always updated automatically depending on the selected period.

In this way you can gain a wonderful insight into it:

  • which company visits your website,
  • how often this happens,
  • which pages and content are accessed,
  • what time is spent on certain pages,

For these reasons, do not give up the network dimensions and continue to secure the important analysis results for yourself.

Are you interested in this added value?

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Don't you have any experience with Google Analytics? No problem, we will introduce you to the topic in our seminars, for example.

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