What is a legal contract in business

Conclusion of a mobile phone contract in the store

In order for you to have a chance to find a suitable mobile phone contract amid the tangle of costs, transmission speed, data volume, extras and tariffs, shop operators have had to provide information about the most important details before signing a contract since mid-2017. Dealers need customers on one Product information sheet point out and make this readily accessible, i.e. either lay it out very clearly or hand it over to the customer.

The product information sheet: transparency and comparison

The Federal Network Agency specifies what a product information sheet should look like. It contains the essential information that makes telephone, TV and Internet contracts transparent and comparable with one another. This includes the name of the tariff, the access services it contains, the contract period, information on terminating and extending the contract, the data transfer rates in Mbit / s, the data volume and information on throttling, prices and the name and address of the provider to be charged. The product information sheet is intended to ensure that customers receive the most important contract details at a glance and can compare them with offers from other companies. The sheet must be made available for all contracts that allow access to the Internet.

If the seller does not point out the product information sheet during the sales pitch, you should specifically ask for it and ask for a printout. If the dealer refuses, he is violating his statutory information obligation. The Federal Network Agency offers a complaint form on its website for such cases. You'd better be on the lookout for a shop that fulfills its service obligations.

What type of cell phone am I?

Cell phone tariffs with higher data volumes are usually more expensive. Think about what type of user you are and only book what you really need.

  • Type 1: Low usage: few calls and SMS; every now and then an e-mail or WhatsApp message: 1 gigabyte (GB) should be enough
  • Type 2: Medium use: daily for emails, internet and apps such as Facebook or Instagram: at least 1 GB, better more
  • Type 3: Intensive use: emails, internet, apps such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube as well as streaming services: at least 3 GB

What speed do i need?

In the product information sheets, data transmission rates are usually given in kbits or mbps (kilobits / megabits) per second. An example shows what that means in practice - it takes 45 seconds to load a HD video:

  • at 64 kbit / s about 6 hours
  • at 1 Mbit / s about 22 minutes
  • at 16 Mbit / s about 1.4 minutes
  • at 50 Mbit / s about 28 seconds
  • at 100 Mbit / s about 14 seconds

Read the terms and conditions carefully

The information in the product information sheet must be clearly visible in the contract. It is important that the information in it corresponds to the information in the contract and that special conditions are added to the contract in writing. You should also check whether verbal promises by the seller are exactly reflected in the contract. Before agreeing to a contract, you should be able to read all documents relevant to the contract. In addition to the Contract form even those Description of services, the Price list, the General terms and conditions (AGB) and that too Product information sheet. It is best to file the documents at home.

The contract concluded in the store applies

In contrast to the Internet, contracts concluded in a mobile phone shop can usually not be revoked afterwards. Possible exception: If, for example, a discounted mobile phone or tablet is purchased when a mobile phone contract is concluded. This is because a financial aid is used - with regulations for consumer loans. The prerequisite for this, in turn, is that the pure purchase price for the device is at least 200 euros cheaper by concluding the contract at the same time.

If you change your mind at home, you are initially bound by the contract. If you have any doubts as to whether the contract was lawfully concluded or if you find out afterwards that the services do not correspond to what was agreed in the contract: Then you should have a legal check whether the contract is being contested, extraordinarily terminated and damage claims are being made can.