Why did my ex cheat on me

I suspect that my ex cheated on me

I've been separated from my ex for a few weeks - he'd grown more and more estranged from me over the course of several months and then left me. I do not want to shed light on the trimmings of the relationship and separation in this thread, I am concerned with the following point:
I know the breakup was inevitable, and I don't want him to think back. But: I can't get rid of the question of his loyalty while processing. Because during the relationship I never had 100% trust in him as I had in other partners. Always certain doubts, a vague, not alarming but recurring, fine gut feeling. I've never had that with other partners, and I've never been cheated on either. Am afraid to experience this because I cannot estimate what it will trigger in me, including for future relationships.

So now I can't get rid of the question of whether this gut feeling was right or not ... Whether something went parallel in the last phase of the relationship ... because the changes in him that I perceived would be problem-free match.

The following questions / uncertainties plague me:
1. is my gut feeling right that he was unfaithful to me? (-> So far I could naively believe that I have a good instinct for such things and that I definitely don't ranger such a man. And now I'm so insecure. I'm very difficult to deal with that.)
2. Is it bad if I never found out? (Because that is very possible - how am I supposed to find out now)
3. Would it be better for me and the process of being abandoned if I knew if he had betrayed me? Or would it be even healthier if I didn't find out?

Do you have any food for thought here that might help me?
This guy (keyword: unable to relate) really got me a little off the mark. I doubt all sorts of things about myself ...

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