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The fraudulent website is a movie streaming service that has many similarities having. As these fraudulent service providers charge your credit card without your prior consent, you will suffer financial losses. The customer service, which supposedly offers help and answers customers' questions, is constantly unavailable, according to several reports. Scam debits without consent and avoids customer questions

You come up with the most ridiculous excuses to avoid Geeker's customers: for example, you claim that the bad weather in New York is to blame. If you sign up for a free trial month, you'll need to set up an account. In addition to your e-mail address, telephone number and other personal data, it is of course also necessary for you to provide your bank details

If a free demo requires such important data from you, then you can assume that unlawful debits will take place (Are free trials really free?). Somehow, a lot of cyber criminals seem to be into this scam. The operators of the MuvflixThe trick of baiting users with free memberships.

The feedback about this service is far from positive. Take a look at a few submissions:

"1. I didn't realize that this gang had been debiting my credit card for 9 months - I was so stupid! I've never bought anything from them, I have NO IDEA who they are, but you can still deduct $ 19.95 / month.

  1. THEY STOLE $ 100 FROM MY CARD I signed up for a membership for $ 9.95 / month, just saw they have been charging my card every week for three months = $ 103.00. I called support while my screen said my membership was $ 9.95 / month. I was asked which button I pressed to get there. Then the window disappeared and was replaced by a log-in mask, so I have no proof.
  2. I signed up for a free membership at I wanted to cancel my free membership, but there was no way to do it. Because I was looking for an apartment, I initially forgot about the matter. Until I saw that my bank account was overdrawn. was responsible for that. Since my bank confirmed that it was indeed a fraud, I got my money back from the bank. Anyone who has been scammed by geeker should report to their bank. Maybe you will get your money back because they are known fraudsters. My bank has also blocked further withdrawals. "

The geeker scam promises that you can cancel your free membership at any time. This can be done in the member's area, through customer service or via email and social networks. Customers report trying to contact the company about their termination, but representatives of the fraudulent website claimed they had not received a message.

In fact, the service provider responded loudly (Common scams and frauds) to customer inquiries, but the response was always the same. They claim they need users' credit card details to make a $ 0.01 charge for verification purposes. However, they hide the fact that they do not accept cancellations and that they charge users the full price for their services.

In addition, the Scam can display misleading advertisements that can cost you even more money. Fraudulent websites for donations, surveys or other online activities may be included (Are free trials really free?). For example, we noticed that, Adk2 and Propeller Ads Media is shown. The following is the opinion of a user who signed up for a free 5-day membership:

“Signed up to Geeker for a 5 day free demo using my debit card. During the registration process, there was an advertisement for Unicef ​​or some charity that didn't interest me anyway. I clicked the continue button and only then realized that I was donating € 1 to Unicef ​​or whoever. That was a trap. On my bank statement I saw that the money went to Geeker and NOT to Unicef. Ashamed of yourselves, geekers, that you are cheating with charities and everyone else. "

How do you escape this scam and its advertising?'s fraudulent activities should be stopped immediately. Contact your bank and inquire about any suspicious activity. A former user has reported that the banks classify this provider as a fraud and maybe refund the lost money. In addition, you should never sign up for free memberships that require bank details from you.

Also, you might see the advertisement for this provider on your screen due to an adware infection. Please try to find the suspicious tool on your operating system and get rid of it through the control panel. If that sounds too complicated, run a scan with Spyhunter.

How to remove Scam using Windows Control Panel

Lots of hijackers and adware like Scam install some of their components as normal Windows programs and as additional software. This part of the malware can be uninstalled through the control panel. To access these, do the following. This method does not remove some browser plugins, so you need to skip to the next part of the removal instructions. Remove Scam from Your Browsers

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