Does the iPhone 7 support the 5G network?

5G-capable iPhone: Which iPhone has 5G network support?

Update: Apple iPhone finally possible in the 5G network. The new iPhone 12 generation enables the use of the 5G network in Germany as well. Both the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max can be used in the 5G network. For the use of the new iPhone 12 within Germany with fast 5G support, the 5G offers with iPhone at Telekom are particularly suitable.

Use Apple iPhone in the 5G network? The expansion of the 5G network in Germany is starting, end devices in the form of 5G smartphones are already on the market, but Apple has not yet provided any reliable information about a 5G iPhone.

The use of the 5G network with the smartphone depends less on the software used and more on the built-in hardware. A 5G baseband chip must be built into the cell phone - a 5G compatible modem that can also establish the Internet connection using the new 5G cellular frequencies. Qualcomm is likely to provide 5G support in the Apple iPhone in the future. So 5G cannot be retrofitted: if the 5G modem is not already installed when you buy it, this device will not be able to access the 5G network.

Current rumors speak of the fact that the first 5G-compatible iPhone model will not be presented until autumn 2020. So while the first 5G smartphones from Samsung (with new, unlimited 5G tariffs from Telekom) are already available, Apple fans will probably have to wait at least another year for the 5G iPhone.

In fact, a possible use of the 5G network should only be possible in a few regions within Germany - Apple does not HAVE to “quickly release a 5G iPhone” because most users are initially adequately supplied with current LTE tariffs. However, the resale value of an iPhone 2019 model without 5G support is likely to fall significantly faster and even with long-term use, one or the other buyer of this year's iPhone model will likely miss a 5G modem. However, a 5G chipset is far from NECESSARY for using the iPhone in the cellular network.

Is the iPhone 12 Pro (Max) 5G compatible

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro (Max) are the first Apple iPhone with 5G support and can be used in the German 5G network.

Is the iPhone 12 mini 5G capable

The iPhone 12 mini is 5G compatible and can be used in the 5G network.

Is the iPhone 11 Pro (Max) 5G compatible

Neither the iPhone 11 Pro nor the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which were introduced in 2019, are 5G compatible.

Is the iPhone 11 5G capable

The iPhone 11 does not offer 5G network support.

Is the iPhone XS (Max) 5G capable

Neither the iPhone XS nor the iPhone XS Max can be used in the 5G network.

Is the iPhone 8 5G capable

The iPhone 8 is not 5G capable and cannot be operated in a 5G network.

Is the iPhone XR 5G capable

The iPhone XR is also not equipped with a 5G modem and is therefore not 5g-capable.

Can 5G be retrofitted to the iPhone?

5G cannot be retrofitted to the Apple iPhone. If no 5G modem is integrated when buying the iPhone, the iPhone cannot be used in the 5G network.

Which iPhone is 5G capable

So far there has been no announcement of 5G support for the Apple iPhone. We are assuming that the iPhone 5G will not be capable of being used until 2020 at the earliest.

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