How much tip should I give anywhere

"How much should I tip?" The most important tipping rules from around the world

This is regulated differently in each country. While in Austria you round up the bill at the waiter and tip around 10-15 percent, in Japan, for example, tipping is an absolute no-go. And who do you tip: waiters, taxi drivers? Who else? And how do you even do that there? Leave it on the table or just round up the bill?

If you're just as haphazard as I (it was), then be sure to read on here:


Tip in North America

United States

It is polite to tip here as the waiters and taxi drivers don't make too much money. With 15-20% you are on the safe side. You can also leave around a dollar a night in the hotel.

Tip in Central America


Here 10-15% is appropriate for waiters, bellboys, hotel bills, etc. Taxi drivers usually don't get tips here!

Tip in South America

In South America, like in the USA, people depend on tips. While giving taxi drivers around $ 1, it is polite to give 10% more in restaurants. The exception is if a “propina” has already been calculated in the invoice!

Tip in Oceania


Here around 10% are considered polite. The same goes for New Zealand. Tipping is more likely to be expected in more expensive restaurants.

Tip in Asia

While in Japan you insult people with tips, some countries have now adapted. In Malaysia and China, too, “Tip” is rather untypical. In Thailand, 10% is considered appropriate. In addition: If you consider how cheap everything is there, you can give a little more there, as long as you don't offend anyone.

Tip in Europe

Spain, Italy and France

In France, 10-15% is normal. Here you just leave the tip on the table after paying the bill. Taxi drivers are also given around 10% more than they ask.

In Spain and Italy they give around 10% and here too the tip is left on the table. In Italy I have to mention that there is often a charge for the cover (“coperto”), which means you can give a little less.


10% is also the rule in Slovenia. Housekeeping costs around 4 euros, taxi drivers round up and porters should be given 1 euro.


Here, too, you give around 10%. If you want to give the hotel staff an additional tip, it is customary in Switzerland to do it personally and to say thank you for the pleasant stay, but it is not necessary.

Great Britain and Ireland

In restaurants, the “service charge” is already included in the price. If this “service charge” does not exist, 15% is considered polite. As in the USA, the same applies to taxis: pay about 1 pound on top. When ordering a beer in the pub, you usually don't tip. You invite the bartender for a drink much more!


Here you are exactly right with a 10% tip. The rule here applies: Be as discreet as possible with tips! In general, this tip applies to the “north”, the more discreet and conspicuous, the better!

Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland

Around 10% are polite here!


When you're there, it's best to tip 10% as well. The best thing to do here is to hand over the tip personally!

Tip in Africa


If you don't want to attract attention there, give a tip of around 10-15%. This applies to restaurants, but also to taxis and every other opportunity, but here the rule applies: discretion! The same in Morocco and Turkey. By the way, the tip there is called “baksheesh”.

South Africa

In South Africa, tips are sometimes included in the bill. Nevertheless, you often give an additional tip of around 10%. Even with taxis you usually give a little more. The situation is the same in Central America too. In many hotels there is also a tip box that is then shared among all employees.

Tip in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and the Maldives

Here, too, people live on tips because of the low wages. So give around 15% here again.

Tipping is an absolute no-go in Japan. Paying more than the usual price is considered a grave insult there. In Russia, Norway, Finland, Vietnam, China, Costa Rica, Singapore and Malaysia, too, tipping is rather uncommon as it is often included in the bill.

What is absolutely not possible is to tip in euros if the respective national currency is not the euro. Dollars actually go anywhere, anytime, as they are easy to exchange. Otherwise, please in the local currency. Because the hard-working waiters, taxi drivers and whenever you want to make them happy, don't really do much with it!

If you want to give your maid a little pleasure, it is best to leave the tip on the pillow! That means the money is meant for them and has not been forgotten! If you have participated in a tour, it is in most cases also polite to leave your guide a small tip!