Afghanistan Why are Afghan burqas blue

Burqa (burqa) in Afghanistan
The tradition of the burqa in Afghan society
Woman is the jewelery of the house - man is happiness of the house
(Afghan proverb)

What is a burqa?

The Afghan burqa (also called burqa, called "Tschaderi" in Afghanistan) consists of a large cloth with a flat cap sewn on top. In the area of ​​the eyes there is a viewing window in which a kind of fabric grid is inserted. The face is completely covered in the Afghan burqa. The asymmetrical fabric falls to the floor in the back and to the waist in the front. The garment was created by combining a body veil with a face veil.

The original Afghan burqas are blue, but in northern parts of the country they are also made in other colors (black, green, orange or white) and some of them are artistically embroidered. These colors were considered fashionable colors in the Taliban era and were banned. Originally, the Afghan burqa was only worn in the city. They weren't common in the village. There usually no veils or just black full-body scarves were worn. The Taliban have generally only made wearing the burqa compulsory in blue. Accordingly, the burqa was also worn by women in rural parts of the country.

After the end of the Taliban government in December 2001, the burqa obligation was lifted, yet few women still dare to leave the home without a burqa, mainly out of concern for their personal safety and reputation. The burqa is worn not least for religious reasons and traditional tribal thinking.