Why do people mistake respect for fear

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I've been sitting in front of the computer for 2 hours now, trying to formulate something that is important to me. But it's not easy.

Something is bothering me. I can't get it out of my head.

It's about how disrespectful so many parents talk to and about their children. In the last few days in particular, this has been increasingly evident in “social” media. And I don't understand It horrifies me. I can't treat my family like that.

For me, respect means: I do something (or not) because I am afraid of a consequence, but because I respect something or someone. Respect comes from “respectfully”. Not out of fear but out of voluntary recognition of an achievement. Respect is not to be confused with fear, fear, violence.

Mocking people is not an achievement. Terrifyingly, however, many adults mock the young people who have been demonstrating for weeks and loudly expressing their fears about the future. And these are not just really old people, no - some of them are your own parents!

As a substitute, of course, Greta Thunberg is mocked, ridiculed and dragged into the mud. And at the same time your own children! Why does an oh-so-sensible adult go there and ridicule and vilify his children - that is no longer understandable. And then parents write things like "They're just manipulative, I know that because I have teenagers at home." Or "I know teenagers - they can cry when they don't get what they want!" - they really leave me stunned. There are many more examples of the language and manner in which parents speak to their children and how they behave towards them.

Where is the respect for one's own child? And if I cannot and do not want to respect my own family, my own child with their wishes, fears and dreams, how do I deal with other, strangers? Strangely enough, it is precisely those people who demand respect for themselves very emphatically. But to do this, this must also be exemplified.

It's not about the child wanting chocolate, a certain brand of pants or an extended night out. The point here is that (young) people have fundamental fears. As a mother / father / grandparent I have to take that seriously.

Anyone who expects to be treated respectfully must act respectfully themselves. Also towards smaller and younger people.