How do vodka hangovers compare by brand

Vodkas comparison 2021

  • Vodka is a drink made from water and alcohol. Wheat, rye, potatoes, corn or grapes are used as raw materials.
  • The alcohol content of alcohol must be at least 37.5%. High quality products contain 40% alcohol. The taste of vodka varies from spicy to spicy. Depending on the product, additional flavors are used.
  • Due to the multiple filtration during the manufacturing process, vodka hardly contains any fusel oils. Common filtration methods are cold filtration and activated carbon filtration.

While vodka has a long tradition in countries like Russia and Poland, but also in Scandinavian countries, it sticks to it in Germany the reputation of a party drink with low-quality alcohol. However, in addition to inexpensive products that actually often end up in mixed drinks, there are also many High quality products.

In our Vodka Comparison 2021 we present some products. You can also find out in our guide what to look for when buying. In addition, we answer the most frequently asked questions about vodka.

1. Why is vodka considered to be a rich water with a long tradition?

The bottle: often an eye-catcher

While vodka is mostly sold in clear glass bottles, there are also a number of special bottles. Party variations and limited editions are often noticed and look particularly good in the spirits collection.

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Vodka, often also vodka, is since the 14th century known. The name Vodka has its own Origin in Slavic. Translated it means nothing more than "little water".

In fact, vodka is not much more than Water and a raw material rich in carbohydrates. Come here next Cereals (wheat or rye) for example Potatoes and molasses in question. Today wheat or rye are mostly used.

Vodka is popular in different flavors. While some like to enjoy their Ciroc Vodka, Absolut Vodka, Smirnoff Vodka or Belvedere Vodka straight, there are others who prefer a vodka martini or another vodka mixed drink to a simple glass of vodka.

2. How do you know the best vodka?

Raw material, taste and filtration process: If you want to buy a good vodka, there are some aspects that you should pay special attention to. We'll tell you what these are below.

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2.1. The bottle: content in liters and cap

Most of the products in vodka tests are sold in bottles that are 0.7 l or 1 l capacity to have. The bottles are usually simply transparent. Some products are also offered in larger bottles that hold 3 liters. Special designs are also available: from the brightly colored, opaque bottle up to Bottle in the shape of a skull.

Also the Closures of the bottles differ. While many products have a conventional screw cap, some bottles are closed with a cork. Often are more expensive vodkas with a cork fitted.

If you have a Bottle with cork you should make sure that you have this store uprightso that the cork does not give off any taste to the drink.

The Advantages and disadvantages of a screw cap:

  • Can be stored vertically and horizontally
  • Opening and closing very easy
  • may not be completely airtight

A cork stopper primarily enhances the product's appearance. A screw cap has a more positive influence on the taste.

2.2. Taste and alcohol content

Vodka is a popular alcoholic drink that can be enjoyed straight or mixed, e.g. B. with orange juice, is drunk.

Since ethanol, i.e. pure alcohol, has one burning taste and a sweet-spicy fragrance the taste of alcohol also tends in this direction. However, they have an effect Filtration, the water used and added flavors on the taste. This one falls sometimes milder, sometimes spicier out.

The Alcohol content in% vol. of most products in vodka tests is 37.5%. However, high-quality products make up 40% of the total.

2.3. Raw material and country of origin

Can be used as raw materials for vodka Potatoes, grains like wheat or rye and molasses be used. Most of the vodkas in tests are made from wheat. Rye is rarely the raw material for a vodka.

Vodka is produced in many countries. As the countries of origin of the vodkas in tests come next Russia, Poland and Sweden also France, Germany, Canada and the USA in question.

Tip: The specifications for the raw material of the vodka or vodka are rather vague. Grains or potatoes can be used here. The alcohol content must be at least 37.5 percent.

2.4. Distillation and filtration

When it comes to distilling vodka, there are big differences between the products. Lots of vodkas will be Distilled 4 to 8 times. But there are also vodkas that are clear more often distilled become, for example 100 times. Assuming that vodka, the more often distilled will also be filtered more often one can say that the vodka becomes purer with it.

When the vodka is filtered, the flavoring substances it contains are removed. Various methods are used for this. The main filtration process can be found in the table below.

The different types of filtration:

Type of filtrationdescription
Activated carbon filtration
  • unwanted aromas are bound to activated charcoal
  • Mainly used for mid-range vodkas
Cold filtration
  • Cool the distilled vodka until the water it contains freezes
  • Fusel oils are bound in the ice and pure vodka is drained separately
  • important aromas are lost in the process
  • Often used with inexpensive vodkas
Quartz sand filtration
  • The distillate is passed through sand and cotton wool
  • Cloudy substances get stuck in the sand

3. Do the best vodkas offer a pleasant taste experience?

Especially if you want to enjoy your vodka pure, a high-class product is suitable also drink unrefrigerated leaves. Spicy vodkas often offer one wider taste experience as mild. These, in turn, are also suitable for mixing.

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4. What differences in the alcohol content of vodkas in the test?

Vodka has a long tradition, especially in Russia, Poland and Scandinavia.

A vodka is a must at least 37.5% alcohol to have. Ideal is a 40% alcohol content. Many - mostly cheap - vodkas in tests have the minimum alcohol content. High-quality products, on the other hand, usually have 40%.

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5. What different vodka cocktails are there?

What's your favorite way to drink your vodka? Do you enjoy Absolut Vodka, Smirnoff Vodka, Beluga Vodka or Belvedere Vodka pure? Or rather mix the different types of vodka with other ingredients to make a cocktail?

While vodka is often drunk with dark bread and pickled cucumbers in Russia, it is popular in Western countries enjoyed in different drinks. The Cosmopolitan, Vodka Red Bull and Vodka Lemon are very popular.

The vodka martini, which James Bond also enjoys from time to time, enjoys a special reputation. You can find it on the Internet numerous cocktail recipesFor which you can use one of the products from Vodka tests.

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6. What are the major brands and manufacturers of vodka?

There is a large selection of vodkas in stores. Vodka or vodka is available in different price ranges and also as Mixed drink with different ingredients. You will find a variety of products in stores with which you can prepare vodka cocktails, such as vodka martini, vodka tonic or vodka soda.

In addition to products such as Vodka Gorbatschow, Ciroc Vodka or special Caramel Vodka, there are numerous types of vodka. For larger parties there are also conventional bottle sizes 3l vodka bottles. But not only the vodka itself can be found in local stores or in online shops. Vodka fans will find everything their heart desires here: from individual vodka glasses to vodka glass sets to complete vodka gift sets.

The main manufacturers we have summarized for you.

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  • Absolutely
  • Beluga
  • Belvedere
  • Crystal head
  • Gray Goose
  • Pravda Vodka
  • Russian Standard
  • Smirnoff

7. Frequently asked questions about vodka

7.1. What percentage of alcohol is vodka?

Vodka is mostly sold as a clear spirit in clear glass bottles.

To be sold as vodka, a product must contain at least 37.5% alcohol. While cheap vodkas such as Vodka Gorbatschow usually contain exactly this value, it is Alcohol content for more expensive and premium vodka, for example with Vodka Beluga Noble or Gray Goose Vodka often at 40%.

7.2. How many calories does vodka have?

The calorie content of vodka can be calculated quite easily based on the alcohol content. One gram of pure alcohol contains 7.1 kcal. To determine the calorie content of vodka, only the weight of the alcohol contained has to be determined. Due to the density of alcohol, the alcohol content is multiplied by 0.8.

100 ml of vodka contains 37.5 ml of alcohol. 37.5 x 0.8 = 30. So the calculation gives 30 grams of alcohol. The The calorie content of 100 ml of vodka is around 213 kcal.

7.3. How long can vodka keep after opening?

Because of its high alcohol content, vodka is almost forever. Neither germs nor bacteria feel comfortable in such an environment. It plays a role in storage too It doesn't matter whether you keep the vodka in the cooler, in the basement or at room temperature store. The only important thing is that the bottle is properly closed is. Otherwise it can happen that the vodka loses its taste.

7.4. When does vodka freeze?

Pure alcohol freezes at around -114 ° C. A Mixture of water and alcohol has a freezing point that depends on the mixing ratio of the two substances. Vodka with 40% alcohol freezes at around -24 ° C.

In a freezer at -18 ° C, you can store vodka for a while without the bottle bursting. However, prolonged storage can lead to the contained water gels. So-called whiskey stones are an ideal way to cool vodka.

7.5. How does Stiftung Warentest assess Vodka?

The experts at Stiftung Warentest have not yet chosen a vodka test winner. The consumer magazine Ökotest published a range of alcoholic beverages in 2010 With regard to the substance acetaldehyde examined. This is suspected of being responsible not only for the hangover after drinking alcohol, but also Causing cancers.

The Fortunately, vodkas in the test performed quite well from. So they only contained one below average amount of substance.

Even if they did not carry out a special vodka test, the experts at Stiftung Warentest have tested a number of spirits, including wine and sparkling wine or champagne.

Vodka only came as a component of so-called alcopops, for example Vodka lemon, which in Germany may only be sold to adults, but are also very popular with young people - often with fatal consequences.

Absolutely vodka
Cheapest product in comparison
Currently available from € 12.99
»Now to Amazon» Now to Ebay
content0.7 l
approx. € 18.56 per liter
Alcohol content40% vol
Is Absolut Vodka distilled 4 times, as is usual with other manufacturers?Absolut Vodka is made from natural ingredients without adding sugar and is continuously distilled 100 times.
Belvedere vodka
Customer favorite: the best-rated product in comparison on Amazon
Currently available from € 31.99
»Now to Amazon» Now to Ebay
content0.7 l
approx € 45.70 per liter
Alcohol content40% vol
What grain is vodka made from and how long has it matured?Belvedere vodka is distilled from rye and then aged in barrel for 9 years.
Beluga Noble
Currently available for € 34.25
»Now to Amazon» Now to Ebay
content1 l
approx € 34.25 per liter
Alcohol content40% vol
How is Nobel Russian Vodka filtered?The manufacturer Beluga specifies activated charcoal filtration as a process whereby undesirable aromas are bound to the activated charcoal, a technique that is particularly common in mid-range vodkas.
Gray Goose
Currently available from € 39.99
»Now to Amazon» Now to Ebay
content0.7 l
approx. € 57.13 per liter
Alcohol content40% vol
What country does the vodka come from and what is the alcohol content?The 5-fold distilled Gray Goose Vodka comes from France and has 40% vol.

Which are the best vodkas from our vodkas test or comparison 2021?

Choose your personal vodkas test winner from the following list:

  • 1st place - very good (comparison winner): Belvedere Vodka - from 31.99 euros
  • 2nd place - good: Absolut Vodka - from 12.99 euros
  • 3rd place - good: Beluga Noble - from 34.25 euros
  • 4th place - good: Gray Goose - from 39.99 euros
  • 5th place - good: Russian Standard - from 15.90 euros
  • 6th place - good: Three Sixty - from 61.34 euros
  • 7th place - good: Skyy - from 15.29 euros

For the product overview for the vodkas comparison, no product was selected that was rated worse than "good". The 1 "very good" vodkas and 6 "good" vodkas therefore offer you the opportunity to choose the best product for you from all the vodkas models.

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How many different manufacturers are examined and rated in the vodka comparison?

The editorial team examines and evaluates a total of 7 different manufacturers for you. More precisely, the experts compared and rated models from Belvedere, Absolut, Beluga, Gray Goose, Russian Standard, Three Sixty or Skyy. More information "

How much do I have to pay at least for one vodka?

You can buy the cheapest vodka for just 12.99 euros, a total of 61.34 euros for a vodka. More information under Vodka Test. More information "

Which vodka is particularly popular with customers?

Customers have rated Absolut Vodka a total of 5181 times - it is the most frequently rated vodka in our product comparison. In contrast, the Belvedere Vodka received the most stars on average. More information "

Which vodkas clearly stand out from the competition in the evaluation?

The following product deserves special mention because of the rating "VERY GOOD" by the editorial team: The Belvedere Vodka. More information "

Which well-known models does the vodka comparison contain?

If you want to buy a vodkas, the following list may help you, which summarizes our vodkas comparison (or test) again:

  • Skyy
  • Three Sixty
  • Russian Standard
  • Gray Goose
  • Beluga Noble
  • Absolutely vodka
  • Belvedere vodka
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Which other products, similar to those from the Vodkas comparison, are recommended to customers?

We recommend vodkas as well as Belvedere Vodka, Vodka and Absolut Vodka. More information "