What is infinity plus infinity

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Plus and minus infinite

We cannot actually imagine anything infinite. This applies to both infinitely large (the universe, for example) and infinitely small. In mathematics there is also a difference between plus-infinity and minus-infinity. That is incredible.

Is that just magic?


Plus infinity

When calculating the number e let's use the formula

and see how to find the right result. We start carefully and use normal numbers

At the end there is a usable result. This is how we find the transcendent numbere = 2,7182….


Minus infinite

In a similar way we want to solve the formula for minus-infinite, and write

We start with n = -1, and find

That is indefinite. That doesn't get us anywhere. That's why we take n = -2, and see

That is a beginning. Then continue with n = -3, and we get

That is a little less. Now with n = -4 to see how it goes on

That is a little less. Then with me n = -5, and we get

A lot is catching up here, so keep up with it n = -6, and we find out

We clearly see how the break develops and takes n = -10, and write that directly as

We'll do that again n = -256, because you can easily count on it

That looks good. With n = -You even get 1024

It's pretty much the same. Therefore also with n = -4096, and we see

This result is accurate to 3 decimal places. So it makes no difference here whether one calculates with minus-infinity or plus-infinity.


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