Why don't Qantas fly to India

Qantas flies non-stop to Frankfurt

FRANKFURT - Australia's flag carrier Qantas is currently mainly active domestically. But in December Qantas will also return to the European continent. One of the destinations will be Frankfurt - for the first time without a stopover. For the time being, however, only once and for a very specific purpose.

The Qantas long haul is currently paralyzed. The Australian airline has largely stopped international flights, Qantas' regular Corona flight schedule only includes domestic destinations and neighboring New Zealand.

Only recently, Qantas boss Alan Joyce was worried when he announced that in future his airline would only allow passengers on board internationally who could prove effective vaccination against Corona. Conversely, this means that as long as there is no vaccine, Qantas will not fly intercontinental.

At least not regularly, because the flying kangaroos are not completely idle on the long haul either: According to the Australian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 36,000 Australians around the world are still looking for a way to get back to their homeland.

Frankfurt and Paris

The government and Qantas have therefore already initiated a number of return flights in October and November, all of them with Boeing 787s. Among other things, Qantas made several guest visits to London Heathrow on flight QF9.

The next round of these flights is due to start in winter - and Qantas also wants to return to destinations in continental Europe for the first time in addition to London, Chennai and New Delhi in India.

Qantas explicitly mentions Paris in Frankfurt. The Qantas flight QF115 is expected in Frankfurt on December 10th at 6:10 a.m. The arrival of QF175 in Paris is scheduled for December 14th at 6 a.m. All flights, including those to London, start in Sydney and stop in Perth, from where there is a non-stop route to the relevant destination.

The return flight to Perth also takes place without a stopover. The final destination is Sydney again. Australians who want to use this shuttle service to their distant home not only have to be tested for Corona in advance, they also have to pay for their tickets themselves: The flights can be regularly booked on the Qantas website - in both directions.

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