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Now also the flirt platform Lovoo - Does the rip-off system?

A few days ago, a scandal involving the affair portal Ashley Madison shook the whole world - customers were cheated on a large scale and lured and ripped off with fake profiles. And now this! Does the rip-off at dating portals have a system?

In our last article I asked myself this question: "Does the rip-off system on dating portals?" And now another tangible scandal is shaking the dating portal world, this time it's about that Flirt platform Lovoo.

Article on the scandal of the affair portal Ashley Madison.

A detailed analysis of documents that were leaked to the c’t magazine suggests that Lovoo has also systematically pulled the money out of its male users' pockets with invented profiles! The use of the portal is basically free of charge. If a lady is interested in a gentleman, the latter can only activate and view the request against payment through “credits”.

This is exactly where the systematic rip-offs seem to start. As with Ashley Madisons, robot profiles were also used, in some cases even profile pictures of real female users from other countries are said to have been used. A senior member of Lovoo called the fake profiles - out c’t allegedly quoted emails from the Lovoo management level - "Promote bitches", the "Buy credits“.

Lovoo denies the authenticity of the c’t leaked emails from the management and the allegations raised, but at the same time many of these alleged fake profiles have started to be deleted. However, the leaked emails and over 50 GByte large data sets suggest that the fake profiles not only existed, but also flushed around 5000 euros per day into the company's pocket! Over a year, male customers have drawn more than one million euros out of their pockets.

So how safe are these dating portals? … I am growing more and more justified in my doubts. In fact, this year, as a wedding speaker, I married 2 couples who met and fell in love through a dating portal - nevertheless: a bad aftertaste and skepticism remains. What do you think? How secure are these portals? What is your opinion? Why are only men ripped off? I would appreciate your opinion in a comment.


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