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Android: These 12 apps are free or reduced today

Current offers in the Google Play Store

Games, weather, music & Co .: Which Android apps are available today for free or at a reduced price? We list the best deals in the Google Play Store.

Developers regularly start discount and free promotions in the Google Play Store and offer their Android apps free of charge or at reduced prices. In this way, well-informed bargain hunters can dust off other paid apps and games for free or at least cheaper and save a lot of money.

But the Play Store lacks a useful overview of the free deals. Our hand-picked list of currently free apps and games for Android smartphones and tablets helps here. We first collect apps, then games - both free and discounted. The lists themselves are sorted according to the topicality of the deal.

Note: We try to highlight real free offers through our bargain overview - we generally ignore free apps. Nevertheless, some of the apps listed can use in-app purchases or advertising. Corresponding explanations can be found on the app detail pages in the Play Store.

Apps for Android: Current bargains in the Play Store

Free apps

Reduced apps

Games for Android: Current bargains in the Play Store

Free games

Reduced games

Note: The developers or publishers decide how long the Android apps and games listed above are free of charge. A corresponding ad in the Play Store is missing. It is therefore possible that some of the app deals listed above have already expired. We strive for timeliness.

7.5.2021 by Manuel Medicus, Gabriele Fischl