What do successful people do before breakfast

8 things successful people do before 8 a.m.

  1. 8 things successful people do before 8 a.m.
  2. 1. You get up early
  3. 2. You drink
  4. 3. You play sports
  5. 4. You are preparing a good breakfast
  6. 5. You meditate
  7. 6. Write down your plans and goals for the day
  8. 7. You are doing something that fulfills you personally
  9. 8. You begin with your most important task

Starbucks chairman Howard Schultz, entrepreneur Richard Branson, Apple boss Tim Cook and many other successful top entrepreneurs all have one thing in common: They start the day very consciously. Look at the habits of successful people and follow suit! Does your morning routine only consist of showering, drinking coffee and brushing your teeth? Not a particularly good start to the day! Learn from the most successful business people! We'll show you which Habits You should practice after you wake up from now on!

8 things successful people do before 8 a.m.

Are you interested in the secrets of success of the best? Most top earners and individuals who have made it up the corporate ladder to the very top, have one thing in common: Your day starts very early.

You start the day rested, fully charged with new energy and the will to get the most out of the day. In the morning, people are naturally more optimistic and ready to face the new challenges of the day. In contrast to the evening, when the weaker self joins exhaustion and prevents us from consistently pursuing our professional and private goals. So use the power of the morning ritual and get things done right at the start of the day. That's how the best do it:

1. You get up early

The early bird catches the worm! Know that too the most successful in business. Most report that you get up before 6 a.m. These include Disney boss Bob Iger and Twitter boss Jack Dorsey. Your alarm will go off at 4 or 5 a.m., leaving you plenty of time to find out about yours morning rituals to dedicate before the stress and hectic rush in the form of calls, emails, meetings and much more. For many successful people, the morning is considered the most productive time of the day.

2. You drink

The first, that successful people to do after the alarm clock has been silenced is drink Either still water is used, or, what is even better: water with lemon juice. To do this, simply squeeze out the juice of half a lemon and pour it into a large glass, which you fill up with still water. With this vitamin kick early in the morning Your body gets an important energy boost from which you can benefit for the rest of the day. They strengthen your immune system, purify and signal your stomach: wake up! Lemon water in particular gets your metabolism going and you can start straight away with the next important habit: the morning exercise program!

3. You play sports

Because you shouldn't have breakfast right after getting up to protect your stomach, the next best thing to do is to do a sports program, which you should include in your new morning ritual. Jogging, walking, cycling, yoga or pilates are good choices in the early morning. Ten minutes are enough to be permanently fit and healthy. The morning exercise not only has a positive effect on your health, it also promotes the release of happiness hormones, which means you can go through the day more energetic and in a better mood.

4. You are preparing a good breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What was true in grandmother's time is more important than ever today. People who have breakfast every day have a much more constant blood sugar level, are less likely to be overweight and are also able to concentrate better. The latter is particularly important if you want to get off to a flying start in your job. A balanced breakfast consists for example of a plain yogurt, a fruit salad, a slice of whole wheat bread and a glass of orange juice. Once you've left the house, you don't have to stop good habits right away. Here you will find tips for a healthy lunch break!

5. You meditate

More and more people swear by meditation. Before the stressful day-to-day work begins, they take a break and find more serenity and inner peace. Training the mind has become as important to many as exercising. Meditation is a real stress killer, as media mogul Rupert Murdoch and Ford boss Bill Ford know. At the same time, meditating regularly leads to more creativity, prevents depression and burnout, improves the quality of sleep and can even relieve pain. If these aren't good reasons to start meditating!

6. Write down your plans and goals for the day

Take time in the morning to write down all of your plans for the day. By dealing with your daily routine, you can structure your day much better. It also avoids the chance of missing something important. You have an overview of all your tasks and can approach them step by step. A structured way of working is not only extremely important in the job, you also benefit privately from this habit of writing everything down. At the same time it will be yours with this Morning ritual of successful people you are more likely to consistently achieve your goals.

7. You are doing something that fulfills you personally

Everyone has something that makes them happy. Before going to the office, you should do something good for yourself and spend time doing something that fulfills you personally. This can be breakfast with the family or enjoy a little togetherness with your partner. Anyone who has a hobby can also devote themselves to it. Read your favorite books or listen to music. Play with your dog or make great plans for the evening. Anything that makes you happy is allowed. This not only lifts your spirits, but also equips you better for the challenges that the day may bring.

8. You begin with your most important task

The morning has something calm about it. Nobody calls, no new messages appear on the smartphone every minute, and the email inbox can also be ignored for a few hours at first. Those who go to the office particularly early are not interrupted by colleagues or customers at work. The perfect time to devote yourself to particularly important projects.


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