How obedient are beagles

The beagle changes your life

"The Beagle has an immense talent for finding the moment in which he can embarrass his people to the maximum.

The paws are round, strong and compact and can leave large dirt marks on light-colored clothing and freshly cleaned floors.

Beagles appreciate being spoken to and our full attention. That's why they like to nudge us on the arm when you have a full coffee cup in your hand.

Character flaws excluding race:

Easiness, obsession and a lack of initiative.

Due to their outstanding intelligence, beagles know practically everything better than their humans and are therefore best able to decide for themselves when it makes sense to obey.

Beagles have a great sense of humor. The belief that beagles become more sensible as they age is wrong.

The Beagle follows its alpha animal everywhere - unless someone else is eating cake or something delicious and walking in a different direction.

The Beagle suffers from temporary deafness when it comes to the execution of what in his eyes is pointless commands. Otherwise, the Beagle hears from a great distance, across several rooms and floors, when, for example, the refrigerator door or the cookie jar is opened.

The Beagle has a perfectly working internal clock - on days when its people can sleep in, the sleeping place is permanently changed from 5:30 pm, sighed loudly, paws licked and the carpet tapped with the rod. On days when the "boss" has to get out earlier, people linger in the sleeping area and doze off until their person is fully dressed in the door frame. "