Was the domino theory applicable to Vietnam


  1. Read the text.
  2. Answer the question.

Vietnam divided in two

Coastal state in Southeast Asia

Borders with China, Laos, Cambodia

Marked by oppression

1843 colony of France

Second World War occupied by Japan

Sept. 2, 1945 after the capitulation of Japan's first independent state

France tries to restore colonial times in Indochina, consequences: Ho Chin Minh, communist president, causes military conflict

1946 first Indochina victory after French warships shelled the port city of Haiphong.

After the battle of Dien Bien Phu French troops Vietnamese documents followed the Indochina conference, it was decided that Vietnam will be divided into north and south Vietnam at the 17th parallel of latitude.

Cold War


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containment, domino theory

massive retaliation became flexible response

How can you help South Vietnam?

USA provide support to South Vietnam to secure the influence in Southeast Asia and not to lose the country to communism.

Interactive exercises

Put the terms in the right place.

The north of Vietnam declared under the leadership of the then president Ho Chi Minh after this Second world war its independence. France tried to prevent this militarily. The war broke out in November 1946 when France bombarded the port city of Haiphong.

Tick ​​the statements that apply.

Vietnam is a coastal state in East Asia. (!right wrong)

Vietnam has been under colonial rule since the end of the 19th century ... (France) (! Great Britain) (! Japan) (! USA)

Vietnam was occupied by ... (! USA) (! China) (Japan) during World War II

After the Indochina Conference, Vietnam was divided on the 17th parallel. (right wrong)

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Vietcong What did you call them come. Guerrillas?
France First colonial power?
oppression What is Vietnam shaped by?
Indochina War 1946 first ...
Ho Chi MInh Communist President