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Carrera racetracks

Carrera GO !!! / Carrera Digital 143 Yes, sometimes two tracks are just not enough, then you want more. You don't necessarily want to go higher, but you definitely want to go wider. So here today we are presenting a four-lane Carrera Go !!! route map for the Brands Hatch Grand Prix circuit. Of course and of course it works just as well on the digital system Carrera Digital 143, only you then have to install switches and lane changes at your own discretion, that almost goes without saying, right? But the fact that a four-lane system can even be created on this system is a small sensation in itself. By the way, the route planned here measures 2.02 mx 1.83 m in plan, and it almost almost squares the circuit - the track lengths are somewhere in the area of ​​7.82 m and 7.46 m. ​​And something else in between, above or below. While we are a little more casual with the dimensions, we are well aware of the serious importance of Brands Hatch. Brands Hatch is one of the better-sounding names among the world's race tracks. Together with Silverstone, Brands Hatch is probably England's most famous racetrack. South-east of London, there is also a region of England in which the climate should not be quite as humid as in other regions that are more on the western North Sea coast. There at Brands Hatch, as you just imagined, the ambience and appearance on the fringes of the racing action were dominated by the large and chic hats on the well-coiffed heads of the sometimes handsome British ladies. Well, actually, strictly speaking, you should write "ladies" in German, but that looks too stupid to us now. Mild weather, lovely people, a fine atmosphere, yes - that's how you imagine it at Brands Hatch. Does that also apply to the frenzy in the living room at home? You don't really know. In any case, we wish you a lot of fun whizzing around in this recreated environment!

The route library for the Slotman is also still available here. But we don't really know anymore whether anyone is still using the Slotman. Well, if it does, then the following is important: The required parts library for the Slotman with curve K2 is available here. The route we created deviates at least slightly, but all users of the Slotman would recognize that immediately.

Our parts list for the Brands Hatch circuit on Carrera GO !!! or Carrera Digital 143 is as follows:

Carrera GO !!! / 123 61512 Connection Straight 2
Carrera GO !!! / 123 61602 Straight 342 mm 22
Carrera GO !!! / 123 61603 Curve R1 / 90º 6
Carrera GO !!! / 123 61611 Curve R1 / 45 ° 5
Carrera GO !!! / 123 61617 Curve R2 / 45 ° 24
Carrera GO !!! / 123 61645 Curve R3 / 45º 7
Carrera GO !!! / 123 61656 171 mm straight 4
Carrera GO !!! / 123 61658 Straight 114 mm 4
Carrera GO !!! / 123 61658 100 mm straight 6

We also have a color-coded version of the route map. This may make the construction a little easier.

Fascinating races have already been held with great regularity on the Brands Hatch circuit in the past, and perhaps it is also possible to capture the fascination of the racetrack to scale and to relate it with a structure on Carrera Digital 143. In our presentation of the racetrack, including that of Brands Hatch, we try to orientate ourselves on two parameters. On the one hand, we want to use the Carrera GO !!! Realize a reasonably realistic and lifelike route, so that the route map from Brands Hatch also has the same, or at least a similar appearance as in the photographic images. On the other hand, the route plan should also enable a reasonably practical everyday handling for hosting slot car races. Depending on the size of the circumstances, this sometimes means that the Brands Hatch race track with Carrera tracks can only be set up in the garden or in an attic, but we always try to make racing fun in the living room at home possible. In general, however, it is of course the case that the suggested route loses its realism the more it is reduced in size and abstracted. A suggested route is always a compromise, and the Brands Hatch route is no different. Nevertheless, we hope that with the route proposal we can at least give a suggestion for your own route construction. We wish you lots of fun with Carrera - and maybe with the Brands Hatch circuit too!