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THEO'S Steakhouse Hamburg

  • "If steak was a star, this would be its hall of fame."


Real New York steakhouse feeling

Welcome to THEO'S Steakhouse in Hamburg. Our steak restaurant in Hamburg stands for exquisite meat from the best cattle, atmosphere like in a real American steak restaurant and a passion for good food. Enjoy Angus steak, dry aged beef or other exquisite meat delicacies here in Hamburg.


Our philosophy is the best meat

THEO’S stands for Prime Beef from the best cattle herds in the world. Selected and tailored by our master butchers, with more than 40 years of experience in our own butcher shop. The steaks go through a dry maturation process of 40 days. This dry aging results in our top quality in the heavily marbled steak. The preparation in the 800 degree oven brings out the typical meat flavors to their full advantage. The caramelization makes the appearance of the dry aged beef steaks in Hamburg so crisp and distinctive.


Prime beef is our passion

Only what is good from the start is really good. For the Angus steaks at THEO’S in Hamburg, we only use prime beef from selected young cattle from the USA, Ireland and Germany. The animals grow up on green pastures and are fed only grass and grain. Everything under the eyes of our experts on site.

Meat from Germany

The meat from Germany comes from exclusively female Uckermark cattle. With this meat from our own Block House rearing program from Mecklenburg Western Pomerania and neighboring areas, you will experience high-quality, regional and consistent meat quality. The cattle of the Uckermärker breed, a cross between Charolais and Simmental cattle, grow up according to our specific requirements and under our control. The meat with its wonderful marbling is particularly juicy and tasty.

Emerald Isle beef

The cattle from Ireland are a cross of traditional cattle breeds such as Hereford, Limousin, Angus and Charolais. The beef is known for its high quality, which is mainly characterized by the longest grazing period in Europe. The juicy grass and the fine herbs are the basis for the natural flavor.

Black Angus beef from the USA

The Black Angus is characterized by its unique tenderness and the exceptionally beautiful marbling of the meat. Only 2 percent of all meat stocks in the US receive the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Prime seal of quality. THEO's USDA Prime is from Nebraska and the neighboring states. There the cattle grow naturally and appropriately on lush meadows for 22 months and are additionally fed with grain for the last 120 days.

The special is our claim

An evening at THEO’S is like an atmospheric excursion to a typical New York steakhouse: it starts with a drink in our bar, because our cocktails are the perfect setting for the incomparable prime beef indulgence in the restaurant. A typical Napa Valley wine from California as an accompaniment to the steak and an original American dessert to top it off - what a night.

Your restaurant in Hamburg for a real steakhouse feeling

Are you looking for the best restaurants in Hamburg? With THEO'S Steakhouse we offer you the top address for steak restaurants in Hamburg. We focus on the finest meat and it is celebrated. Enjoy our exquisite meat delicacies and experience the authentic steakhouse flair in our restaurant in the city of Hamburg.

Eat in style in Hamburg

The THEO'S restaurant is located in the Grand Elysée Hotel, which brings together the best restaurants in Hamburg. The gastronomic diversity makes this place an address for good taste. Try it yourself and experience an evening with culinary highlights. Not only your taste buds get their money's worth in our restaurant in Hamburg. With us, the eye also eats: The kitchen area with the special US South Bend oven is designed so that guests can see the preparation of the steaks live. This creates a unique combination of enjoyment and experience that you will not soon forget. Secure a table in THEO's Steakhouse now and experience a unique culinary experience in one of the top restaurants in Hamburg.

Hospitality is our world

We love, what we do. And we like to share this passion with our guests. Talk to us if you want to find out more. About our special steaks, about the preparation in the 800 degree oven or the wine selection of our sommelier.

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A special evening should start in a special place. Start your evening in the Oyster Bar or Bourbon Street Bar.
Best with the classic aperitif of New York steakhouse culture - a Manhattan or a martini.





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