How do you sue a government


In Germany, three families are suing the federal government together with Greenpeace. Many people are already feeling the effects of global warming. Not only in Germany do they suffer from extreme weather, droughts or floods.

Worldwide, there are more air complaints that governments ask more to protect our environment to do. This is also the case in Canada.

In Quebec, the youth organization ENvironnement JEUnesse filed a lawsuit with the Superior Court of Qu├ębec at the end of November. They are now suing the Canadian government on behalf of all Quebecers aged 35 or younger.

ENvironnement JEUnesse believes that the Canadian government is violating the fundamental rights of young citizens. Your goal of reducing greenhouse gases is not ambitious enough to stop climate change. In addition, she has no plan to achieve the already under-set goals. If the government does not act, young Canadians in particular will suffer from the consequences of climate change. This violates the right to life in the safety of the person, to equality and to an environment in which biological diversity is preserved.

Young people in danger

The younger generations will suffer most from the effects of climate change. You will experience more heat waves, floods and extreme weather events. Young people have to pay for the adaptation measures. That is why young people are already speaking loudly and demanding that the government respect their rights. We must act now to reduce the burden that younger generations have to bear.

Global movement

Not only in Germany and Canada do people stand up for their right to climate protection. Successful lawsuits have already been taken in the Netherlands. There, 900 citizens campaigned for the government to have to reduce at least 25% of its CO2 emissions by 2020 compared to 1990 levels. For the first time, climate protection activists succeeded in bringing a government to court to protect the climate.

In Germany, three families are suing the federal government together with Greenpeace. Here you can support them.

Nora Geis

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