What is a dermatologist's lifestyle


Gentle, effective and safe - acne treatment by your dermatologist in Munich

When school and high school exams are over, it's off - to the graduation ball or to another graduation party - and then? Right before the event, of course - the face blooms. Panic. But right now it is important to tackle blackheads as gently and medically harmlessly as possible. Why did we use the salutation “you” in this article? Anyone who is in puberty and / or is doing their Abitur - is on the way to the adult world. And: acne is a skin problem that occurs in adolescents and adults alike.


Pimples, blackheads and acne belong in the hands of a dermatologist - hands off "OPs" and quick solutions

One thing is certain, regardless of whether you have been struggling with blemishes as a teenager or adult for a long time, or whether the "pimple problem" has only recently become acute - as a dermatologist on site in Munich we can help you medically safely and gently - with it the acne leaves as few marks as possible and your skin appears smooth and well-groomed again. My urgent appeal: Please refrain from having your own "OPs" if possible - that's what dermatologists and medical beauticians are for - and maybe be a little careful with acne products - they are often quite aggressive and do not always suit the skin type.


So that your skin can breathe easy - acne treatment by the dermatologist is effective in the long term

In any case: acne treatment by the dermatologist is worthwhile in the long term - because we need a little time and patience for it. Acne can turn out to be quite complex - it is an "umbrella term" and describes very different degrees of severity and manifestations of the disease of the sebum glands and hair follicles of our first two skin layers - especially on the face, cleavage and back. In addition, the trained eye of your skin doctors is important when it comes to delineate acne forms of allergy episodes or other skin diseases - and specifically, gently and effectively treat.


Treat the acne individually with the help of a dermatologist

Just come to our practice in Munich-Bogenhausen without obligation. Then we take a look at your skin: There are options for acute treatment - and we will put together a treatment plan with different measures that is tailored to your personal clinical picture:


Possible measures could be:

  • Skin analysis, advice on care and handling (e.g. diet, lifestyle)
  • Local therapies with ointments, creams and solutions
  • Systemic treatment (possibly with tablets, e.g. antibiotics)
  • Medical-cosmetic cleansing treatments
  • Different peelings
  • Laser treatment