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Last Wednesday, PFH graduate Luana Silva visited the PFH and talked about her life and what it is like to be an influencer.

Luana completed her bachelor's degree at the PFH in 2013 and is now one of the well-known Instagram influencers with 375k followers on Instagram. She started influencer marketing and Instagram after completing her studies 3 years ago. The main idea, why she started with Instagram in the first place, was, "it gives you the opportunity to communicate" and "... you can build reach". This is still her motivation to this day and why she likes to do it.

Her career began after she graduated with a bachelor's degree. Between 2013 and 2014 she started her Instagram account and blog. After 2014, she already had 1k followers on Instagram. In 2015 she added her own online shop, which no longer exists today. In 2016 she got a Snapchat account, which already has 10k followers.

But what exactly is influencer marketing? Influencer marketing is made up of some form of Content marketing and the Blogger & Influencer Relations together. This means that influencer marketing is first and foremost a marketing strategy that works with the influence and reach of important opinion leaders and multipliers in order to make a profit. This is only an attempt to explain, there is as yet no general definition that can be used.

Influencers therefore have a high level of influence because they have a high reach, support brands and products, which is not always seen as positive, and specialize in certain areas. Therefore, influencers can often achieve something completely different from what standard advertising can do. Therefore, influencers can usually reach the target group very differently than, for example, the standard advertising measures.

Her daily routine can change every day, but mostly she edits and creates pictures for her blog or Instagram account. She also receives a lot of emails every day that she processes. But up to 90% of these are sorted out because they are simply not interesting. She also takes care of the promotion of other brands on her channel. She herself says that you should be careful with it so that advertising doesn't get out of hand. In addition to pictures, Luana also makes short videos of a few minutes. Of course, these must also be recorded and processed, which in turn takes 1.5 days. What is also part of their life is traveling, which can also be exhausting.

"Instagram has to be your baby," Luna, you should definitely pursue this statement if one also seeks this path and a social media influencer would like to be.

Here you will also find all the important links to follow Luana:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/luanasilva/
Website: http://luana-silva.com/
Snapchat: luana_tds

We thank you for the lecture and the insight into the life of an influencer and look forward to further PFH alumni who share their success story with us.

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