Televangelists are hypocrites

The disasters for the Grand Old Party in the USA are endless. The Democrats are clearing the Conservative Bible Belt for the first time in 40 years

"Hypocrites" it calls out to the two infidelities from within their own ranks

WASHINGTON taz | That was just what they had been missing: the judicial defeat in Minnesota, where their party friend Norm Coleman was defeated by his Democratic opponent Al Franken. This finally shattered hope for the ailing Republicans on Tuesday to keep the Democrats from the last big milestone in their success. Coleman was only 312 votes short of 2.9 million to win the election and break the Senate's irrevocable majority of Democrats.

Coleman's defeat is not the only disaster for the “Grand Old Party” (GOP), as the Republican Party proudly calls itself, since the overwhelming election victory of the Democrats in November. More devastating is where the Democrats, above all their superstar Barack Obama, won: for the first time in four decades they had succeeded in winning in the heartland of Bible-loyal conservatives, in some southern states such as Florida, Virginia and North Carolina.

While the mockery of “Democrats in confusion” has been making the rounds in recent years, “Republicans in reverse” has long been the new wisdom in Washington. Analysts are certain that the Republicans will no longer find their way out of their Bible-waving southern oases if they do not slowly position themselves moderately to liberally on social issues such as abortion, drugs and gay marriage. Failing that, writes Southern columnist Ed Tant, “becomes the Republican elephant (the logo of the party; d.Red.) one day to be as extinct as the woolly mammoth - for the same reasons: loss of natural habitat, inability to adapt and killed by a horde of club-wielding conservative Neanderthals. "

Indeed, the process of decay of the Conservatives is most entertainingly illustrated by the tabloids. In the ranks of the biblical, anti-abortion incitement politicians, it finds sensational material almost every day. Recently, two conservative hopefuls, both possible candidates for the 2012 presidential election, admitted extramarital adventures.

Both Senator John Ensign of Nevada and Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina are now in the pillory for having shamed the party that holds the family values ​​high. Meanwhile, the Democrats are content to remind themselves in detail that both politicians once never missed an opportunity to castigate ex-President Bill Clinton's Lewinsky affair and the moral depravity of the Democrats.

"Hypocrite" it calls the two infidelities against even from its own ranks. There is no lack of comparisons to the star televangelists, who also dismantled themselves through sex scandals and corruption. "Every time leading figures engage in sad and worrying activity," said a contrite Tim Pawlenty, Minnesota Conservative governor and hope, "it damages the brand." AW