Are there any descendants of Mona Lisa

Was Mona Lisa pregnant?

Lisa, now known as the Mona Lisa, was Francesco's third wife. The first two had died in childbed. When her husband had her painted, Lisa had already given birth to a son and a daughter. In December 1502, the third child followed, a son named Andrea, whose birth records were only discovered a few years ago. Therefore, the assumption that the sitter was in different circumstances is not entirely remote.

The theory of the pregnant Mona Lisa comes from England and is already causing a sensation in specialist circles. The Oxford professor Martin Kemp, one of the greatest Leonardo specialists, has joined her, and medically educated people now want to see the typically swollen fingers of the expectant mother in the picture. In addition: doesn't she press her hands onto her stomach in the same way as women do, who feel life in them?

But the theory is just one more in the long series of attempts at explanation and mystifications that have long surrounded Lisa's smile. Some researchers suggested facial paralysis, others diagnosed a mental illness. On the basis of computer analyzes, an American team of scientists even came to the conclusion that the painting actually depicts a man in disguise.

However, the German art historian Frank Zöllner is skeptical of the pregnancy theory. In terms of time, it does not suit him: the portrait was not painted until 1503; the child Andrea had long since been born. And Zöllner knows that for sure, after all, it was he who discovered the birth certificate. Not the expected delivery, but something else must have been the reason for the painting order:

My line of argument was that the portrait was ordered in April 1503 when they moved into a new house, at that time it often happened that something like this was commissioned on certain occasions and then he couldn't get it ready and then he did it dragged around with you the whole time like many other paintings, by the way.

In fact, Leonardo never delivered the picture to his client. It was found in the estate of his friend Salai and had already achieved a certain fame. Because it is undoubtedly a particularly beautiful and successful portrait. The proponents of the pregnancy theory, on the other hand, interpret it as a kind of manifesto with which Leonardo, who at the same time also dissected corpses and painted the first fetus in the womb, wanted to present his knowledge of the mystery of life. Frank Zöllner thinks this is completely absurd:

The painting had a very strong influence as a portrait formula from 1504, that is, from Raphael until the 19th century, this portrait has been used again and again as a model for portraits and that is also its meaning and in view of this circumstance, That is an incontrovertible fact - you can prove it with hundreds of pictures - one wonders why one claims that the portrait that was the model for other portraits is not a portrait at all.

However, the work only began its magical career as the mother of all portraits after the French King Francis I bought it and after it came to the Louvre. It was stolen there in 1911, and was found two years later in Italy. In the sixties of the 20th century it was loaned to America and shown in an exhibition where every visitor could look at it for a full ten seconds.

That alone would be reason enough for the mysterious smile of this timeless phenomenon. Frank Zöllner has another solid explanation for this:

I have read the documents, including the will of Francesco del Giocondo, how he ensures that his wife is properly treated after his death, she also comes from a somewhat poorer family than him, which is why she also had reason to smile, by the way, that is my thesis.

Mona Lisa, a girl from a poorer family, had taken care of things by marrying the silk merchant Francesco del Giocondo. Money doesn't make you happy, but it can make you smile.

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