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Corona rules: "Federal emergency brake" and more and more relaxation

Status: 05/17/2021 1:26 p.m.

With the "Federal Emergency Brake", the Infection Protection Act in Germany has been changed in order to create uniform regulations for the corona lockdown across Germany from an incidence of 100. But there are already steps in opening up in the north.

The new Infection Protection Act has been in effect since April 24th. The "Federal Emergency Brake" contained therein takes effect when the seven-day incidence in a district or an independent city rises above 100 per 100,000 inhabitants for three consecutive days. That means: The federal government has stipulated measures by law - municipalities must implement them without any ifs or buts. However, stricter rules in the federal states are possible.

Among the limitations that from an incidence of 100 are to come into force in the affected regions, the following points count - all initially limited to June 30th:

  • Contact restrictions: Members of a household are allowed to join only with one other person to meet. However, the amended federal law provides that people whose complete vaccination 14 days ago, and all fully recovered in the contact restrictions not be counted.
  • Night curfew: Of 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. a curfew should apply in the affected districts and urban districts. Only people who can make "justified exceptions" are allowed to stay outside - for example, for compelling professional reasons or emergencies. Jogging and walks are allowed until midnight.
  • Retail: Shops have to close - Except shops for daily needs such as supermarkets, drug stores or pharmacies. In retail, regardless of the incidence, the collection of ordered goods ("Click & Collect") and with an incidence of up to 150, shopping with test and appointment booking ("Click & Meet") will still be possible. Leisure and cultural facilities and restaurants are not allowed to open.
  • Schools: Face-to-face classes are only allowed if all students can be tested at least twice a week. From one Incidence of 100 is now just alternating permitted - but only up to a seven-day incidence of 165. Should the value climb above that, schools will have to close and switch to distance teaching.
  • Job: In the Infection Protection Act is Duty to work from home anchored. Employers must offer this "if there are no compelling operational reasons to the contrary". If it is not possible to work from home, employers must offer tests.
  • Sports: For children up to the age of 14, sports should continue to be possible in groups.

Special corona rules in the northern countries

Regardless of the regulations in the Infection Protection Act, different corona regulations currently apply in some areas in the northern German federal states. In view of falling incidence values, there are already opening steps. Some of the most important provisions at a glance:

Lower Saxony: outdoor catering possible again

Most recently, the state government of Lower Saxony adjusted the state's Corona ordinance at the beginning of May. Since May 10, there have been easing for vaccinated people and - in counties and cities with a stable incidence below 100 - more freedom for restaurants and retailers. There is also a "step-by-step plan 2.0" which shows further opening perspectives depending on the incidence values. The main applicable regulations:

  • All over Lower Saxony, incidences are stable below 165 Schools and day-care centers in alternation kept open with fixed groups.
  • The Outdoor areas in gastronomy are allowed to stay open until 11 p.m. with a hygiene concept that provides for certain distances between the individual tables.
  • Vacation in your own federal state is possible: Accommodation establishments are allowed to reopen for people who have their first or second place of residence in Lower Saxony. According to the "step-by-step plan 2.0", visitors from other federal states could also come in future with incidence values ​​below 50.
  • In smaller ones Shops (up to 200 square meters) "Click & Meet" is possible, larger ones require a negative test or proof of complete vaccination or recovery.

Schleswig-Holstein: Spa regulations come into force again

In the updated state ordinance for combating corona, some relaxation is planned, in particular Tourism and gastronomy affect. So may since May 17th nationwide Hotels and indoor catering open again for vaccinated, convalescent and tested people. In addition, are allowed to return meet up to ten people outside. Previously was already in four model regions for tourism possible again. At the general start of tourism on May 17th, the Bath regulation back in force.

At the same time, there is also the so-called in Schleswig-Holstein100 decree, which was updated on April 23rd and which partly goes beyond the requirements of the federal government.

  • Schools: For schools, day-care centers and after-school care centers, the state government is sticking to the incidence threshold of 100 - the state is not based on the federal government's 165 mark, but has more stringent requirements for face-to-face teaching and care.
  • retail trade: As a rule, from an incidence of 100, only one person per household is allowed to enter shops and weekly markets. How and whether the retail trade in the districts and urban districts is open is decided by Schleswig-Holstein's state government based on the respective seven-day incidence from week to week.
  • alcohol: The serving and consumption of alcoholic beverages are generally prohibited from an incidence of 100 in public spaces. If the incidence value is lower, the local health authorities can determine areas and times during which alcohol bans apply.

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: Vacation possible again soon

On April 16, a tightened nationwide lockdown was agreed in the northeast due to the occasional sharp rise in the incidence. Among other things, this provided for stricter contact restrictions, emergency operations in schools and daycare centers, exit restrictions and closings in retail and services.

After the numbers fell significantly, the MV summit on May 11th decided on far-reaching easing that will gradually come into force:

  • For schools there are three opening levels. In all regions with a seven-day incidence below 100, schools started on May 17 with a mix of face-to-face and alternating classes. In regions with an incidence between 100 and 165, alternating classes are provided for all classes. If the values ​​are higher, schools have to close again.Kindergartens and crèches have also been allowed to reopen since May 17th, after previously only emergency operation was permitted nationwide.
  • The Outdoor and indoor catering May reopen from Pentecost Sunday (23 May).
  • The tourism in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania will be opened on June 7th for residents of the federal state and on June 14th for guests from other federal states. Anyone who is not fully vaccinated or recovered must have a negative test.
  • Many are currently closed shops should be able to reopen from May 25th. A corona test is not necessary for customers.
  • Also on May 25th more will be body-hugging services such as cosmetic studios are allowed to resume operations.

Second home owner from other federal states are already allowed since May 5th go to their apartments in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania if they are fully vaccinated against Corona or have survived Covid 19 disease for six months. Who is fully vaccinated or recovered, may also be used as Day tourist come back to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Hamburg: Schools start with alternating lessons for all classes

Hamburg has implemented the Corona measures particularly strictly - stricter contact restrictions (one household plus one person from another household) and restrictions for retailers still apply. But now there are also concrete opening steps or plans in the Hanseatic city. Gradually, further restrictions are to be lifted.

Since May 12th:Nightly Exit restrictions no longer apply. Outdoor sports is again possible with up to ten children, the supervisors must show a negative test. Also the Mask compulsory for adults on playgrounds has been repealed.

Since May 17th:In the There are alternating classes in schools for students of all grades. Daycare centers changed from "extended emergency operation" to "restricted regular operation". Museums, libraries and exhibition halls are allowed to open under strict hygiene conditions.

From Whitsun (23/24 May): According to an announcement by Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD), outdoor restaurants may open if the corona numbers continue to decline.

FromEnd of May: If the numbers in Hamburg remain at a low level, further opening steps are planned. The retail trade can then probably be opened subject to conditions. The Contact restriction is to be expanded to five people from two households. Cultural, sporting and comparable events should be allowed to take place again - initially in the open air. This will be followed by further openings in the areas of gastronomy and tourism.

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