What's your Hogwarts house and Patronus

Harry Potter ~ which patronus are you

I actually wanted to use all of the cartridges, but then I noticed that it was very difficult and time-consuming, so I thought I could just do it with the hogwarts cartridges. So with the gryffindor lion, the huffel puff badger, the ravenclaw eagle and the slytherin snake.

Have fun finding out


1. According to the first quiz, which house are you in?
a. ravenclaw
b. slytherin
c. gryffindor
d. huffel puffs

2. Which house would you have liked to have been in?
a. slytherin
b. gryffindor
c. huffel puffs
d. ravenclaw

3. Which animal do you like best?
a. Badger
b. Crow
c. Snake
d. lion

4. Who did you prefer to be?
a. Harry
b. Ron
c. Hermione

5. How did you come up with my story?
a. Follow you for a long time
b. I was looking for something like that
c. Would be recommended to me
d. I don't know anymore

6. Which series do you prefer?
a. Gillmore girls
b. Lego ninja go
c. Shadow hunters
d. The Vampire diarys

7. What is your favorite hair color?
a. Blond
b. brown
c. black
d. Colorful

8. Which app do you use the most a. Snapchat
b. Instagram
c. Musically
d. Wattpad

9. What do you think is cool about wattpad?
a. Read books that are still there
b. Writing books
c. Fan fiction
d. To rediscover my favorite series in books

10. What is your favorite music direction?
a. pop
b. skirt
c. rap
d. Techno

Mostly a:
Your patronus is the eagle. He will protect you against any dementor and he will always come when you need him.

Mostly b:
Your patronus is a snake. For others it may be a deterrent, but it will protect you against dementors no matter what situation you are in.

Mostly c:
Your patronus is the lion. He is just as strong as you and protects you from everyone, so you will be able to defeat the evil.

Mostly d:
Your patronus is a badger. Everyone thinks that you are totally the looser now because you have a badger. But this has many advantages, because your opponents underestimate you.


So this quiz is over again, please write me in the comments what your patronus is.
I would be very happy if I write new ideas in the comments.
Your Jasmina