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Unfortunately, I usually don't have the time to read more than a few pages a day - but I had to take it for "13 weeks". The book was so exciting and gripping that I didn't want to put it down anymore.

I have already read "Der Schlunz" with great enthusiasm, and the author has again succeeded in writing a great book. What you appreciate about the "Schlunz" is also represented here. This time, however, it is about somewhat older young people.

Simon is not very personable at the beginning, but his thoughts are described very well so that you can understand his lousy actions. More than once I had to think: "Yeah, you can sing a song about guys like that!" I think that's good, because readers can actually find themselves in Simon and, in the best case, notice how stupid they actually behave.

I also find the development that Simon goes through very understandable. Little by little, the beginning of the book is cleared up, which makes for successful turning points. In my opinion, the second half is by no means less exciting than the first and I also didn't find the repetitions disturbing or too long. Rather, they were funny and the humor is also a big plus. The book is exciting and profound, but also very funny. In many places I had to laugh out loud, which I don't see too often when reading.

Since I believe in God myself, the religious part was of course not a problem for me. But I think it's great and courageous to use a book like this to interest people in this topic who haven't had much to do with it so far, maybe even think about it like the first Simon. Simon is not a converted Christian from now on, but still has many questions and skepticism. As a result, the message does not seem nerdy or old-fashioned and boring, but very realistic. I can imagine that you are more open to this topic if the protagonist perhaps has the same questions and doubts as you.

What I didn't like that much, on the other hand, is the ending. When Leon died "for the first time" I had to swallow, but Simon doesn't seem to have been interested at all. This moment was far too unemotional for me, and the finale in the barn was a bit too overdone and wacky for me. But of course, somehow you had to solve it. But one Simon is almost too aggressive for me at this point and already seems downright insane.

Unfortunately, I also have to say that the writing style is fluid, humorous and easy to read, but in some places it was too easy and colloquial for me.

In summary, I can only recommend the book to others. It offers tension and humor, but also makes you think. In addition, I find it very understandable and informal about religious topics.