Why is China tearing down crucifixes

China has hundreds of crosses torn down from churches

The communists in China continue to demolish crosses on churches. Since April, more than 500 crosses have been removed from churches in the Anhui province near Shanghai, reports the Hong Kong correspondent for the Asian press service Ucanews. Neither the pro-government Catholic Patriotic Association nor the bishops resisted the destruction, Protestant preacher Paul Lee told Ucanews.

A Catholic parish priest informed Bishop Liu Xinhong of Anhui about the planned demolition of the cross from his church. "The bishop told me to take photos of the demolition as evidence," said the priest. The bishop made it clear that he could not stand against the authorities. Bishop Liu Xinhong is a member of the Catholic Patriotic Association. It is the official Catholic community of the Communist People's Republic of China, which is not recognized by the Vatican.

The demolition of crosses began in October 2018. Since then, thousands of crosses have been destroyed in Anhui's neighboring provinces of Zhejiang, Henan, Hebei and Guizhou for alleged violations of city planning laws. In Zhejiang, then party secretary Xia Baolong led the demolition. In February 2020, Xia Baolong was appointed by China's President Xi Jinping as the new head of the Chinese government's Hong Kong and Macau authority. He will be one of the Beijing officials who will have to enforce the new security law passed on Monday in Hong Kong.