What was Satan's downfall

René Gehring, Lucifer's Agenda for the End Times. Satan's origin, influence and downfall, St. Peter am Hart (ABC [= Adventist Book Center] Medien GmbH) 2020, 260 pages, ISBN 978-3-902637-97-0In 2016, four of Gehring's lectures were published on two DVDs under the same title (total playing time 3:10). These lectures can also be found on YouTube.

"Materialdienst des Konfessionskundlichen Institut" (MdKI) is the highest-circulation German language journal on denominational and ecological studies. Founded in 1950, it is published by De Gruyter from 2021, on behalf of the Konfessionskundliches Institut des Evangelischen Bundes e.V. in Bensheim.

The journal provides comprehensive information on confessional, denominational, and ecological topics. Important ecological events and the publication of significant documents in the various churches are analyzed and evaluated. In addition, MdKI offers reviews of the latest literature in the aforementioned fields.

With religious plurality growing, it is vital to know the 'others'. The MdKI allows scholars and experts from the various churches themselves to discuss relevant topics, and offers outside perspectives on them. As such, the journal is an indispensable source of knowledge about the other denominations from a Protestant point of view and also provides a forum for ecological dialogue.

The Konfessionskundliches Institut values ​​the promotion of the work of young scholars highly and encourages contributions by young ecumenists to its journal.

The journal promotes ecumenical discussion and is directed beyond a specialist audience to all ecumenically committed Christians. It is also an excellent instrument for further training in confessional studies and ecumenism, e.g., for pastors and teachers of religious education.

The journal publishes four issues a year with about 60 pages per issue. Each issue is dedicated to a topic of current interest. Articles are published in German or English.

As a subscriber, you can access the content also online, starting April 2021. Please find detailed information how to get access in our FAQs.

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