How exactly does Trump threaten our democracy

Trump is "a threat to our democracy"

Milwaukee. At the US Democratic Party conference, left-wing Senator Bernie Sanders called on supporters to vote for presidential candidate Joe Biden and to vote out incumbent Donald Trump in November. "This election is the most important in the recent history of this country," said the former presidential candidate on Monday evening (local time) in a video address. What is needed is an unprecedented movement of people who fight for “democracy and decency” - and against “greed, oligarchy and authoritarianism”.

Trump was "a threat to our democracy," said Sanders. “The future of our democracy is at stake. The future of our economy is at stake. The future of our planet is at stake. We have to unite, defeat Donald Trump and elect Joe Biden as the next president and Kamala Harris as the next vice president. ”Sanders warned that Trump was not only unable to cope with the numerous crises, he was also leading the United States on the path of Autocracy.

The left-wing icon Sanders had been Biden's toughest rival in the running for the Democratic nomination for president. The 78-year-old finally threw in the towel in April, clearing the way for Biden's presidential candidacy.

Many left voters, especially younger ones, have reservations about Biden: For them, the proposals of the center politician do not go far enough, for example in health policy. The former vice president therefore approached the progressive wing of the party and adopted several of its proposals. Agencies / nd

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