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Yandex with 100% not provided: No keywords but alternatives

Now the leading Russian search engine Yandex has made it impossible to evaluate the keywords searched for using analysis tools such as Google Analytics, Omniture or Webtrends. As with Google, all search queries are now encrypted. After all, Yandex tools can still be used to evaluate which keywords are generating sales.

Yandex is undisputedly the leading search engine in Russia (see also Yandex SEO and search engine marketing in Russia). Yesterday, surprisingly, the information came on the Yandex webmaster site that all search queries will be encrypted from now on. Encryption began last December, but in February only around 30 percent of search queries were encrypted.

Yandex justifies the step with the protection of privacy. Third-party tools should make it more difficult to collect user data. As is well known, Google took this step last year as part of the discussion about the NSA (see Not provided: Google will soon no longer display keywords at all).

Evaluation via Yandex.Metrika

In contrast to Google, where evaluations are only possible indirectly (see tips and tricks for SEO without data from Google), Yandex still enables detailed evaluations of which keywords are generating sales. However, only if Yandex.Metrika is used. Companies that use Google Analytics, Omniture (Sitecatalyst), Webtrends, eTracker, Webtrekk, Matomo-Analytics (Piwik) or similar analysis tools no longer receive any data.

Accordingly, it is suspected that this step will lead to the spread of the use of Yandex.Metrika. Even in Russia, the Yandex tool has so far only had a market share of 24 percent.

Depending on the orientation, it can make sense for international companies to use Yandex.Metrika for Russia and, depending on the case, Baidu Tongji for China, in addition to the standard analysis tool. So life in online controlling is not getting any easier ...

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