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Parents, in all eyes, what kind of existence is Costco, an American warehouse supermarket?

(Costco Dockland)

Do tasty snacksThe place?

Buy meat and seafoodThe place?

Meet a favoriteHealth care productsDiscount must be entered:Or if you are lazy and don't want to cook, goCostco Food Court, There areAffordable and tastyof:However, Costco also has a little-known hidden function, namely:Have a birthday party!

The helper was warmed up today by the daily mail messages: A 7 year old girl in Melbourne dreams of going to Costco for a birthday party and Costco promised to give presents:(Screenshot from Dailymail)

The whole story, full of surprises, looks like this: Athena's mother Penny had a headache before her daughter's birthday: She posted on Facebook: Why do my children want to be there?Wholesale supermarketBirthday?

It turns out that Athena, Penny's daughter, is a little girl who doesn't go an unusual path. They don't care about unicorns and Xiaohuahua at all.

There is only one ideal in life for them:I want to celebrate my birthday at Costco!

Well women are weak, but mothers are strong!

The oldest daughter on her birthday! What she wants, she has to fight!

Then Penny rushed to Costco, planning to discuss this with the supermarket ... well, a little, strange request ...

To be a citizen must be meritorious and not cause problems for others. Penny is definitely not a parent who is used to bearing children. She discussed with her daughter: We can also celebrate our birthday at Costco, but the prerequisite is that we cannot be too loud and that we can only bring 5 good friends. go with!

When I saw that my mom was relieved and really planned to go to the grocery store for her birthday, Athena immediately agreed!

5 friends will!

At the time, Penny had the guts and went to the Costco supermarket in Docklands to speak to the local manager ... to talk about whether or not this plan is feasible ...

I think of my daughter's emotionless appearance in the bulk snack area ...

I remembered my daughter ecstatic eating Costco pizza ...

Penny took a deep breath and found Costco's manager and discussed with him: Hello, I have a little inquiry. I don't know if Costco can help ...

My daughter wants to be here for her 7th birthday ... just take 5 people!

We promise not to bother others and we promise not to cry or cause trouble, so please, can we have a little birthday party?

The manager was stunned when he heard this.

Penny looked at this and reacted badly. I think it's going to be awful ...

As a result, the Costco manager said seriously: No problem, butHave Xiaoshouxing bring 20 friends, 5 friends are too shabby ...

Penny was shocked when he heard this: He promised it so refreshingly? It really is my favorite supermarket!

You can also bring 20 children!

However, this is only the beginning of the surprise ...

The birthday party beganPenny and her daughter as well as 20 children and their parentsA group of people drove mightily to Costco and threw a party for their daughter ...

However, when they walked into the supermarket, Penny and birthday star Athena were shocked to see it all: Costco wasn't just okay with them having a birthday party!

Give it backMade a balloon door!

All napkins and balloons are provided! Also specializedOrganized a food court, Birthday to Athena!

Also on every tableAdjust the water!

Parents are also allowed to shop at Costco!

Children also have their own CostcoCustom shopping route!Here the little birthday star Athena sings and eats with friends!

LikewiseReceived a gift from Costco!

It's so dreamy!

Eventually Penny bought all of the children and parentsThe cheapest hot dogs and pizza slices.

After careful calculation, it's easyThe cheapest party food in history!

After dinner the manager gave Athena on behalf of CostcoOffer a birthday cake.

Athena was so happy and Penny, the mother, was moved and cried: Costco not only agreed to the party, but alsoHelped us prepare for this partyAll the children presentA bag full of candyThere are snacks, activity books, children's books and Costco hats ...

At the end, Penny said, I'm really grateful to Costco for everything we've done for us.So beautiful and touching!

As a loyal Costco fan, Athena can host her own birthday party at Costco as she wishes. It feels so satisfying!

(Screenshot from Dailymail)

Someone felt in the news comment"It's so money saving"Yes, compared to other Melbourne party venues that cost hundreds of packages at every turn, this party is at CostcoThe cheapest in historyRoger that!

Some people also praised Costco's generous approach.Help the little girl make her dream come true!

In fact, Athena isn't the first happy child to celebrate his birthday at Costco: A 4-year-old American boy had his birthday party at Costco this August.

(Screenshot from Newsweek)

After all, for a birthday partyNot a regular service item from CostcoIf you want to follow Athena's approach, you have to goDiscuss with the branch manager了.

Aside from Costco, there is one other place you can have parties on a budget. I don't know if you remember May of this year.Kmart party popular in Australia:(Screenshot from Dailymail)

Australian parents for childrenHave a birthday party at Kmart,giveAUD 20 per childHave them spent in the store, from toys to stationery to fake nails ... all kinds of items.

This idea was developed by the Facebook groupKmart mothersFrom the members it came up, and then in the other "Parents of the "headache party"Spread it quickly in:(Kmart Mums Facebook group with almost 19 members)

Little girl Bella's mother, Chantal Simms, came from this group and asked Bella if she would be here.Your favorite business"Celebrate my 10th birthday.

Bella is "very excited" about this suggestion.

"I pressedShopping challengeAnd when we got there, meExplained the rules of activityAnd then brought the children to the appropriate area. "Said Chantal.

In Chantal's version, each of these will have children20 Australian dollars"Must need"Always stay together"And when shopping"creative".

In the rules if you wantYou can only spend less than Australian dollars on groceries; Or they can buy things to wear, beauty products,Things that start with B.And what to do.

Chantal said Bella's friends were very interested in shopping and had lunch together after the main event.

(Bella and her friends)

Another story.

Rebecca Downing's daughter Piper hopes to be inside her11th birthdayThere was a similar meeting schedule, but there were related onesCollect "Sparkling Things"","Things That Go To School" and "Things That Start With P"Order of.

Rebecca said: "Children are invitedTreasure huntAnd then inHungry boysEat lunch. ""

"When the children arrive, we give themWrote a letter with the rules and buying guidelines. ""

"The girls read through the instructions and thenShare in groups. I explained,I will be in the storeIf there is a problem, they canCome to me anytime. ""

"after one hourThey came back to me, we all lined upPay for what you chooseAnd then left the shop. ""

Ten girls chose: bath bombs, pens, pencils, books, handicrafts, nail polish, artificial nails and clothing.

And in the Facebook group also the parents who held their children's party at Kmartincreasingly:(Facebook screenshot)

The host thinks the ideas for these birthday parties are good! Especially if you're having a party at Kmart, you can give the kids ahead of timeArrange tasks, How: search"Something seems","Things That Go To School" and "Things That Start With P"...

This will give a seed to the childrenSense of missionAnd there will be成就感, How great. The prerequisite for anything, however, is that children have to haveThe age at which you can listen to an adultThis is the only way to do it. Otherwise, suddenly a dozen or twenty noisy kids will show up in a Kmart, which is like a nightmare for other customers.

Parents, what kind of party idea do you prefer?