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Status miles

If you are a frequent flyer and spend a lot of time on the plane, you usually want to take advantage of it. That's why there are frequent flyer programs such as Lufthansa’s Miles & More. If you are a member there, you can use the so-called Status miles collect. Here you can find out what status miles are, how you can collect them and what advantages they bring you. I'll tell you everything about these types of miles - when they expire and where they differ from award miles. To make a lot of things clear to you, I'll mainly show you examples of Europe's largest frequent flyer program: Miles & More.

What are status miles?

Status miles are a type of airline miles that you can earn on certain flights. You can derive the function from the name of this type of miles: Show your status miles Frequent flyer status in a rewards program at. If we use the example program from Lufthansa, a distinction is made between three frequent flyer statuses: Frequent Traveler, Senator and HON. You need fewer miles for the former status than for the Senator. The HON Circle status is a special rank that you can only achieve with the so-called HON Circle miles, a special type of status miles. What I want to make clear to you: The more miles you collect, the higher your status in the respective frequent flyer program will be.

What do status miles bring you and what do you get for them?

Status miles initially help you get a certain one Status with a frequent flyer program to reach. If you have a status, you enjoy being a frequent flyer many advantages. For example, you will be given preferential treatment at check-in and boarding and do not have to wait as long as passengers without frequent flyer status. You can free car service to the airport. You get one higher baggage allowance for checked baggage and hand baggage. Furthermore, you can Access to the lounges of the various frequent flyer programs. There is for you for example free drinks, Snacks and WiFi.

How do you collect status miles?

In order to collect the miles, you usually only have one option: You have to fly with certain airlines that are partners in a frequent flyer program. Using the example of Miles & More, this means: On flights with Lufthansa, Swiss, United Airlines and some other Star Alliance airlines you can use the Collect status miles. If you book a flight with one of the airlines, give your membership number of the frequent flyer program when booking. Alternatively, you can present your membership card at the check-in counter. Your status miles will be credited and will appear in your mileage account after completing the flight.

Can you buy tier miles?

You can get status miles do not buy or collect them in some other way. However, airlines and frequent flyer programs occasionally start promotions in which you can convert your award miles into status miles. At Miles & More you can convert your award miles directly into status miles with the help of a Lufthansa credit card or the frequent flyer program. You get a status mile for five award miles and can thus achieve or maintain frequent flyer status.

This gives an answer to the question of how you Redeem status miles can: Seen in this way, you cannot redeem these miles directly. You collect them and if you have reached a certain number, you will rise to a frequent flyer rank or keep it.

How many status miles are there per flight?

How many miles you get depends on the booked one Class of service, the Booking class as well as the Flight route from. A little digression: The service classes are Economy Class, Business Class and First Class. There are booking classes within these classes. For example, they determine how flexible you are when canceling and rebooking tickets. The more flexible the tickets, the higher the price in the respective service class. The selected booking class receives a multiplier. This is multiplied by the flight route and this results in the number of status miles that you can collect on this flight.

Many frequent flyer programs provide you with one Mileage calculator to disposal. There you can enter your booked route, the service class and the booking class, if known. You will then receive the number of miles that you can expect to earn on this flight. Pay attention to what type of miles it is! Often you can only collect status miles in the higher, more expensive service classes, such as business class and first class.

Basically, you can only earn miles on the flight you are flying on. This airline must be a member of your frequent flyer program. However, status miles will not be credited to you for all flights and all booking classes. In order not to go empty-handed, you should find out from the frequent flyer program before booking a flight whether you can collect miles on your desired flight.

When do status miles expire?

Status miles generally expire after one year. The following applies to many frequent flyer programs a calendar year as the period of validity for status miles. That means, you expire on December 31st every year. On January 1st of the new year your status miles account will be at zero and you will start collecting miles from the beginning. Few frequent flyer programs have different regulations for the annual rhythm. With them, for example, a year does not begin until you are a member of the frequent flyer program.

A different rule applies to the HON Circle miles from Miles & More. They only expire after two years. This means that you have two years to collect these types of miles.

Difference between status miles and award miles

There is plenty Differences between award miles and status miles. You can only earn award miles for Bonuses such as redeeming free flights or rewards. Status miles determine yours status within a frequent flyer program and bring you advantages, for example at check-in. You cannot exchange them for rewards.

You can also exchange award miles for status miles with some frequent flyer programs. It doesn't work the other way around.

Another difference concerns the Validity period. Award miles are usually valid for 36 months, unless you have a status, and only then expire. Status miles, on the other hand, are only valid for one year and are then set to zero.

You can also collect award miles not only on flights, but also from partners in the frequent flyer program. This includes, for example, hotels, car rental companies and other travel partners.

Status miles with Lufthansa

There Miles & More, as a subsidiary of Lufthansa, is Europe's largest frequent flyer program, I present you the Status miles with Lufthansa shortly before.

If you are a member of the Lufthansa rewards program, you can use the Earn Lufthansa miles. For a status with Miles & More you have to collect a certain number of status miles. For the Frequent traveler you need 35,000 status miles. For the Senator status you need 100,000 status miles. The HON Circle status can be achieved if you collect 600,000 HON Circle miles within two calendar years. If you have already achieved one of these ranks, you will receive a 25% Executive Bonus for your miles on flights in certain booking classes.

The Number of milesthat you can collect depends on the route and booking class of the flight. For domestic German flights, domestic flights in European countries and cross-border European flights apply fixed mileage amounts for the individual booking and service classes. For worldwide destinations, the number of miles is calculated for each booking class. The exact distance (without detours) is assigned a multiplier between 0.25 and 3 and this results in the miles. In this way, you can see how many miles will be credited to you before you book your flight.

If you want to get more information about Lufthansa's frequent flyer program, you can find it in my lexicon article Miles & More.