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September 2004

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29.08.2004Self-reportRyanair to London-Stansted and Glasgow-Prestwick:
Zero and low price tariffs drive utilization up!Ryanair29.09.2004 Letter to the editor Freight plane move from Cologne to the Hahn: an expensive and loud zero-sum game!British Airways
28.09.2004 Letter to the editor Mallorca on the tapTourism with night flights28.09.2004Letter to the editorHigh time to wake up!          " 28.09.2004Letter to the editorBecause once the night flight from Frankfurt to Hahn has been outsourced, the tourists come in droves. (ha, ha, ha ...)          "
27.09.2004Self-reportVolareweb will stop flights from Hahn for the time being at the end of October 31, 2004!
26.09.2004Newspaper articlesInsolvency proceedings opened for Amadeus Flugdienst GmbH & Co. KG and Amadeus Flugdienst Verwaltungs GmbH!Amadeus and the flights to Berlin, St. Tropez and Sylt26.09.2004Self-reportFree to Riga, Santander, Stockholm and Glasgow
10.09.2004Newspaper articlesBritish Airways Cargo: Night Terror with Boeing B 747-200Airlines10.09.2004Newspaper articlesThe pug bat becomes a drag - an interview with the managing director of Hahn AirfieldThe pug field mouse in the planning approval procedure
09.09.2004Self-reportThe stuff that special announcements are made of:
3,000,000 flights with Ryanair for free09.09.2004Newspaper articlesWho pays the bill for the low-cost airlines?Subsidies to Ryanair09.09.2004Newspaper articlesHahn Airfield: Everything is palette, the report shows, the pug bat has no problem with aircraft noise!The pug bat in the planning approval procedure09.09.2004Self-reportAnalysis of the noise events from Aeroflot's Douglas DC 1009.09.2004Self-reportAnalysis of the noise events from Boeing B 747 - Jumbo-Jet09.09.2004Self-reportNumber of noise events per measuring point in 2003 (graphic)09.09.2004Newspaper articlesRyanair expands from Niederrhein Airport - flights to Rome-Ciampino and Barcelona-GironaCompeting airports
08.09.2004Self-reportWhat Ryanair charges the passenger as "taxes and fees".08.09.2004Newspaper articlesStrong criticism of the employment relationships at Ryanair
07.09.2004Newspaper articlesFrom November to Warsaw 6 times a week - previous occupancy rate at approx. 48 percentAir Polonia07.09.2004Self-reportFlight connection to Manila canceled before the first flight07.09.2004Self-reportFlight connections to Berlin and Sylt obviously discontinued
06.09.2004Newspaper articlesCharter flights to Egypt called off after a flight
03.09.2004Self-reportResults of private noise measurements in Altlay (outside the noise protection area)Results of noise measurements03.09.2004opinionStatement by the Federal Association against Aircraft Noise (BVF) and the associations (BUND, NABU, etc.) on the new Aircraft Noise Act
01.09.2004Self-report5.533 visitors to the homepage in August 

March 2004

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30.03.2004Teletext Post reduces night mail flights from 16 to 12The night post star
29.03.2004Newspaper articlesQuestions and answers about the runway extensionPlan approval procedure
28.03.2004Newspaper articlesNew flight connection to Lamenzia Terme celebrated!
Over-eager to overlook the fact that the flight connection to Brindisi was canceled at the same time?Volar tissue28.03.2004linkTwice a week with CEBU PACIFIC AIR from Hahn Airport to ManilaAirlines on Hahn28.03.2004linkRussian air freight company on the approach
AirBridge Cargo wants to transport freight from Luxembourg to China Competing airports
27.03.2004Newspaper articlesThe particularly loud ones fly at nightAircraft noise
26.03.2004excerpt from the
commercial registerHIT Hahn Informations-Technologie: Company headquarters relocated from Lautzenhausen to BüchenbeurenCompanies on the tap
24.03.2004Press releasePress release on handing over the signature list + clear declaration of war to the airportPress releases from BI
23.03.2004link Action to introduce a Europe-wide night flight ban (EU action)Actions from other groups
22.03.2004Self-reportIncredible passenger fees at Ryanair, especially in GermanyRyanair22.03.2004excerpt from the
commercial register AirGo Flugservice Geschäftsführungs GmbH - headquarters relocated from Lautzenhausen to MainzCompanies on the tap22.03.2004excerpt from the
commercial registerVolare GmbH - headquarters relocated from Lautzenhausen to Bingen        "22.03.2004excerpt from the
commercial registerNordTech Dienstleistungs-Handelsgesellschaft - opening of insolvency proceedings rejected due to lack of assets        "
20.03.2004linkBI wants to hand over the community listPress release19.03.2004LeafletRunway extension on the tap
What does this mean for the foreign transport region of Bernkastel and the surrounding area?Leaflets of the BI
19.03.2004Press releasePress release on the public handover of the signature lists to the mayor of the unified community of MorbachPress release
18.03.2004Newspaper articles38 million euros invested in concreteExpansion costs
17.03.2004NoticeAnnouncement of the hearing datesThe plan approval procedure17.03.2004Newspaper articlesHahn Managing Director Andreas Helfer: Hunsrück Airport is only a destination for a holiday on the Moselle for a few travelers
Rheinland-Pfalz-Touristik wants to close its office on the Hahn due to a lack of visitors!2004 flying season17.03.2004Newspaper articlesThe "Wine Airport":
CDU and tourism experts see huge potential for incoming tourism with a simultaneous boom in the cargo flight sector!   "17.03.2004Letter to the editorFrom the "Wine-Aiport" to the airport to cry   "17.03.2004Self-reportAnalysis of night flight movements with DC 10 (additions)Aircraft noise17.03.2004Self-reportAnalysis of night flight movements with Boeing 747 (additions)    "
14.03.2004linkThe aircraft noise robs you of inner peace - there are no earplugs for the mindAircraft noise at other airports14.03.2004linkThe jumbos roar on the long departure routeAircraft noise in Frankfurt14.03.2004linkFrom Drewitz into the world
The regional airport is to become an air freight center - the project is not only met with enthusiasmWhat politicians dream of: Ryanair and freight14.03.2004Newspaper articlesRyanair will be flying to Jerez in southern Spain from April 29, 2004 - No information on subsidies available yetRyanair
13.03.2004Self-reportRyanair to Great Britain:
1,000,000 free tickets save utilization in DecemberRyanair
12.03.2004Newspaper reportHoped-for tourism boom does not materialize - Rheinland-Pfalz-Touristik wants to close its office on the Hahn due to a lack of visitors!2004 flying season
09.03.2004AdvertisementsWith prices of £ 0.08 from Glasgow, £ 1.29 from London and € 9.99 from Milan, the guests have to flock to the Nahe, Moselle and Rhine in unbroken crowds.Ryanair
08.03.2004Self-reportContradicting statements about special conditions, subsidies and the level of fees from Ryanair as well as the ownership structure of Hahn Airport - a comparisonRyanair08.03.2004Letter to the editorOddities about the fee rates at Hahn Airport (supplemented by new knowledge about and from Volareweb)Publications of the BI
07.03.2004Newspaper articlesOnly Brussels, Leipzig-Halle and Vatry in the race for the DHL air freight hub - no more talk of the cockThe DHL air freight hub
06.03.2004Newspaper articlesVolareweb will discontinue flights to Berlin from AprilVolar tissue06.03.2004Self-reportLousy workload at Volareweb in January      "
05.03.2004Newspaper articles"Njet" - No flights to MoscowBook & Go
03.03.2004Press releaseNo night aircraft noise in the Moselle valley
Working group on the Moselle of the BI foundedPress release from BI
02.03.2004linkFor the time being no operation on the Hunsrück routeHahn rail connection
01.03.2004Self-report9,665 visitors to the homepage in February 

January 2004

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31.01.2004Newspaper articlesThe planned DHL hub:
A comparison of reports in different newspapers.Passengers / freight on tap31.01.2004Self-reportDeletions in the Ryanair flight scheduleRyanair
30.01.2004Newspaper articlesRyanair shares with abrupt forced landingRyanair30.01.2004Newspaper articlesThe Ryanair emergency landing"30.01.2004Newspaper articlesEmpty coffers and tough negotiations slow down the airport train - expansion costs will almost doubleRailway connection
28.01.2004Newspaper articlesThis is a good way to open up new routes:
5 million euros subsidy for Ryanair in Reus (Spain)Ryanair
27.01.2004Newspaper articlesFlights to Tampere in Finland:
Already 80% occupancy!Ryanair27.01.2004advertisingRyanair special price promotion:
Mediterranean destinations for the price of a bus trip to the county seatRyanair27.01.2004Letter to the editorClimate change is a reality (letter to the editor on the planned runway expansion at Hahn AirportAir pollutants
27.01.2004contract Ryanair's contract with Strasbourg AirportRyanair
26.01.2004objectionStatement by the Altlay municipality on the plan approval procedurePlan approval procedure
25.01.2004Self-reportIt may be shouted and exulted.2003 racing season25.01.2004linkAir Armenia: night flights with crayfish (import) and luxury limousines (export) Air Armenia with Antonov on 1225.01.2004Self-reportThe fairy tale of the quiet fan guns:
Noise readings from Antonov An 12Analysis of the noise levels of various types of aircraft
24.01.2004Letter to the editorHunsrück, how long do you sleep?
(Letter to the editor)Night aircraft noise24.01.2004Letter to the editorSleepless in Longkamp
(Letter to the editor in beautiful rhymes)Actions from other groups24.01.2004LeftAeroflot's Douglas DC 10 slides into a meadow in heavy snowstorms23.01.2004Newspaper articlesThe magic 80% stands.
Ryanair in Berlin-Schönefeld: Nothing new in the occupancy rateRyanair airports in Germany23.01.2004Newspaper articlesThe famous whisper jets - now also at Niederrhein Airport"23.01.2004Newspaper articlesFigures for the promotion of Niederrhein Airport"
22.01.2004Newspaper articlesThe great Christmas present:
End for Moscow flights from Hahn Airport?2004 flying season
What Ryanair charges the passengers as "taxes and fees".Ryanair
20.01.2004advertisingRyanair's next advertising campaign:
500,000 places at the undershirt price"
19.01.2004advertisingThe stuff dreams are made of! (From the great passenger numbers)
Flights from Milan to Hahn for € 0.25, from London to Hahn for € 1.99"
17.01.2004Newspaper articlesHahn Airport reports: Forecasts far exceeded!
Comparison with forecasts shows a completely different picture!2003 flying season - plan and reality17.01.2004Flight planRyanair flight schedule:
Flights to Malmö canceled, flights to London-Stansted reduced to 5 (Mon-Fri) or 4 daily (Sat, Sun).Ryanair17.01.2004Newspaper articlesNewspaper reports:
Ryanair: Daily to Tampere in Finland, six times a day to London-Stansted"
16.01.2004link Volareweb is reducing the number of flights from Hahn Airport by almost half
Was the occupancy rate below 80%?Volar tissue16.01.2004Letter to the editorProtest in the Hunsrück and Moselle region is growing every dayAircraft noise campaign by Attac
15.01.2004Newspaper articles Noise as a risk factor by Prof. Dr. med. Martin Kaltenbach with new lower limit values ​​above which there is a threat to healthHealth driving through night aircraft noise
14.01.2004Self-reportNoise measurements at the cargo airport Cologne-Bonn
Noise level well over 80 dB (A) even at a distance of 15 km on a night cargo flight
13.01.2004advertisingRyanair sells flightsRyanair
12.01.2004Self-reportIf the flights cost nothing, the occupancy rate increases very quickly!
Ryanair's occupancy figures on routes to Great Britain in October 200312.01.2004Newspaper articles Will RyanAir crash?
Repayments in the millions could mean the ruin of the Irish low-cost carrier.Ryanair12.01.2004Newspaper articles"If there are 20 flights a night, the region will wake up ..."Hahn targets for 2004 and the future
10.01.2004Newspaper articlesLanding bans in Great Britain also for Hahn customers Enimex and InterTransAirAirlines (Enimex, InterTransAir)10.01.2004Self-reportRevealed: Inconsistencies in the noise measurement protocols
"Whisper jet Airbus A 300" exposed as a giant noisemakerAnalysis of the noise levels of various types of aircraft10.01.2004Self-report How do I package self-interest in arguments that sound like the common good!
The strange arguments to justify the runway extension.Runway extension10.01.2004linkNocturnal demonstration against aircraft noiseAircraft noise campaign by the Attac Group in Wittlich10.01.2004Press releaseLow-cost airlines: risk of collapse for people and the climate (BUND Baden-WürttembergActions from other groups10.01.2004Newspaper articlesTravel has degenerated into a cheap commodity. To the detriment of everyone. The tourism industry should rethinkRyanair10.01.2004Newspaper articlesEverything that is transported through the air!workload
09.01.2004Newspaper articles"The machine was in dire condition."
"There was a dent at least ten to 20 centimeters in size on the outer skin at the rear."
The interior paneling was partly so loose that you could put two fingers into it. "Flights to Egypt with SkyMax and FlashAirlines09.01.04advertisingLow price promotions only good for passenger statistics:
75% discount on all the cheapest tariffsRyanair
06.01.2004mapMap showing the noise area of ​​an Airbus A 320 landing from TrierAircraft noise06.01.2004mapMap showing the noise area of ​​an Airbus A 320 at take-off in the direction of TrierAircraft noise06.01.2004mapMap showing the noise area of ​​an Airbus A 310 landing from KoblenzAircraft noise06.01.2004mapMap showing the noise area of ​​an Airbus A 310 at take-off in the direction of KoblenzAircraft noise
04.01.2004linkFlash Airlines have been banned from flying in Switzerland for over a year due to numerous safety deficiencies.Flight season 2004 from Hahn, flights with Flash Airlines to Egypt03.01.2004objectionObjection from the community of LötzbeurenPlan approval procedure03.01.2004Press releaseHahn Airport hardly improves the region's economic situationPassengers and cargo