Why not people like Cristiano Ronaldo

10 reasons why many people hate Cristiano Ronaldo

Although Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best footballers in history and even though he is an ambassador for a children's rights organization and repeatedly donates millions of sums, many people have an aversion to Cristiano Ronaldo that can even be described as hatred. Here are 10 possible reasons you can hate Cristiano Ronaldo.

10. He is an extremely well paid footballer

As we see images of extreme poverty on the news day in and day out in much of the world, the best footballers deserve unbelievable amounts. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo earns 17 million euros a year. This means that to earn the average annual salary of a German, which is already around 40,000 euros, Ronaldo does not even need 24 hours.

9. He's a brilliant footballer

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most brilliant footballers of our time, there is no doubt about that. He is a goal machine and as a spectator you are always amazed how easy the Portuguese makes scoring goals. And since he also likes to show how brilliant he is, many viewers find it extremely easy not to indulge his success.

8. You associate him with hated clubs

The Portuguese moved to Manchester in 2003. The United fans there loved him quickly, but United has a comparable position in England to Bayern Munich in Germany. Their own fans love their club, the majority of the fans of other clubs hates United. The same can be said about Real Madrid. Since Ronaldo was or is an extremely important player at both clubs, the hatred of his clubs also caused hatred against him.

7. He works hard and likes to show it off

Who would have thought that one of the best footballers was bullied as a kid? But Cristiano Ronaldo decided to do better than those who marginalized him, and he did too, proving that hard work pays off. He also likes to show his muscular body after goals. You always have the feeling that you want to show how extraordinary he is and that makes him always seem a little arrogant.

6. Penaldo

Since Ronaldo has already scored 58 penalties for Real Madrid alone, he has been nicknamed Penaldo on the Internet. His critics often accuse him that his extremely good goal statistics are embellished by the mass of penalties. Cristiano Ronaldo hardly seems to mind, he continues to shoot penalties and also has an extremely good hit rate.

5. He dates beautiful supermodels

If you follow what is happening in the world of football only halfway carefully, you will, whether you like it or not, regularly hear something about the relationships between the football stars. Cristiano Ronaldo is particularly noticeable. You see him very often with one supermodel after the other. Since he's handsome while being one of the highest paid athletes in the world, he also has the option to date almost any woman he wants. But many football fans resent him, probably out of envy.

4. His appearance

As already mentioned, the Portuguese is one of the best looking footballers the game has to offer. But his perfectly fitting hairstyle and clean-shaven face make him look very cocky. However, whether fewer people with beards would hate him is pure speculation.

3. Ronaldo falls too quickly

Cristiano Ronaldo knows that a football game is not only won through game philosophies and tactics. But he also knows that only wins count, so he uses every possible contact in the penalty area to go down and get the possibly game-deciding penalty. Because in the end, victories are the most important thing.

2. He won too many Ballon d'Ors

Another point for which the CR7 cannot do anything at all. But the fact that he has already been awarded the Ballon d'Or three times while great footballers such as Andres Iniesta, Andrea Pirlo, Xavi Hernandez or even an Arjen Robben are empty-handed is perceived by many as injustice and resented by the Portuguese.

1. The counterpart to Messi

Fans love it when opposites compete against each other. Be it at the biggest sporting event in history, when the polarizing Muhammad Ali won against the much younger and favored George Foreman, or at the 100 meter sprint, which became a duel between the "good" Usain Bolt and the "bad" Justin Gatlin.

That's why we're doing a lot to make Ronaldo the opposite of the quiet, humble Lionel Messi. We love opposites and that's why we perceive the two greatest footballers of this generation as differently as possible.