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Dogs, guinea pigs and Co.Pets: To much Cuddling can fatal be

Getting too close to pets can kill them. Because by being close, we can transmit diseases that are harmless to us, but can lead to death in animals, such as herpes, for example.

Achim Gruber is an animal pathologist. He autopsies dead animals and finds out the causes of death. He has just written a book about it: "The Stuffed Animal Drama - An Animal Pathologist About the Silent Suffering of Pets". One of his conclusions: Sometimes we get so on our animals that we kill them. Herpes, for example, can cause severe meningitis in chinchillas or rabbits, resulting in death.

"If you kiss a chinchilla or rabbit with a cold sore, it's the kiss of death for these animals."
Achim Gruber, animal pathologist

But even cuddling itself cannot be tolerated by some animals as well as we might wish. For example, escape animals such as guinea pigs: "Then they can definitely die from this stress. We see guinea pigs that have, figuratively speaking, adrenal glands like oranges, because they simply release so many stress hormones," says Gruber. This can be avoided, however, if you slowly get the animals used to cuddling and give them breaks.

If you really love your animal, you should perhaps find out beforehand what characteristics the animal has and how certain signals are to be interpreted. Jana Hoger from the animal welfare organization Peta says that it starts with the classic dog wagging tail. Tail wagging does not mean joy: "The tail wagging is in itself a state of excitement in the dog. That can be positive or negative. If you look now: a dog that digs for a mouse or sniffs in the ground intensely, wags very intensely with it Tail. That doesn't mean he's happy because there's a mouse there, it just shows the dog's state of excitement. " This means: The dog can also wag its tail and not feel like petting or romping around.

Here are some things to look out for when keeping pets:

  • Overall, we shouldn't humanize the animals too much or expect the animal to replace a partner or friend.
  • Always cuddle in moderation. And always only when you have had the animal for a long time.
  • Maybe just let the kissing off.

The owner's hormone cream affected the dog

We should also keep in mind that medication can also have undesirable effects on pets. Achim Gruber experienced such a case in his practice: A keeper brought her dog over. The animal no longer had hair and had very small testicles. In conversation with the owner, it turned out that she was taking medication for her menopausal symptoms.

"To alleviate her symptoms, she smeared herself with estrogen cream every evening," says Achim Gruber, "the dog always slept next to her mistress, because they cuddled in the evenings." The doctor was then able to determine fairly quickly that the dog was suffering from estrogen poisoning. The hormones caused his hair to fall out and his testicles to shrink - so the owner's hormone cream made him a kind of eunuch.

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