Orthodox Christians believe in the Trinity

The Syrian Orthodox Church derives its teaching from divine inspiration, revealed in the Holy Scriptures as laid out by the holy fathers, and from the traditions it received from the holy apostles.

She accepts and subscribes to the faith as defined by the three sacred Ecumenical Councils, Nicea (325), Constantinople (381) and Ephesus (431)

She believes:

  • that God Most High is one in three different Persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and that these three Persons are equal in every way.
  • that the second person of the Holy Trinity came down from heaven to earth, dwelt in the body of the Virgin, took from her through the Holy Spirit a fully human body and thus became God incarnate.
    • that the Lord and Master Jesus Christ is fully God and at the same time is fully human,
    • that he is one person and one nature (by two natures) without mixing or uniting or merging or changing.
    • that the incarnate God was crucified, died and was buried. In all this, divinity did not depart, neither from his soul nor from his body,
    • that he rose from the dead on the third day and saved humanity from death, from the devil, and from sin; that he ascended to heaven and will come again to judge the world. The Church awaits his coming at any time
  • that the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Holy Trinity, proceeds from the Father alone.
  • of the resurrection of the body with its soul on the day of judgment at the second coming of Jesus Christ. Everyone will receive the mortgage they deserve.
  • that St. Mary the Virgin was born in original sin by her father Joachim and mother Anna.
    • Then she was cleansed by the descending of the Holy Spirit on her.
    • The word of God lived in her body and was born of her.
    • Therefore she is the mother of God "(Theotokos).
  • to the intercession of the saints, the martyrs and the victorious righteous.
    • She worships her relics and celebrates her festivals.
    • She prays on behalf of the dead by asking God's grace and forgiveness for them.