Why is a sense of belonging important

The pearl of connection and belonging

This includes love, friendship, companionship, and loyalty. But also: to participate in the community and to be able to contribute something. Belonging is about being noticed and noticed. It increases self-esteem and gives us the certainty of being valuable. It's about the feeling: it's good that I exist.

Although we are not always aware of it, we all do a lot to feel we belong. We keep entering into social ties and investing in them so that they stay with us for a long time. For this we are ready to adjust our behavior again and again.

We all also know how painful it can be when you don't feel you belong, when you cannot participate in the life of a community or society, when you feel excluded or excluded. Experiences of exclusion and exclusion have existed at all times in human history. The social environment in which we live and work can be constructive and promote identity, but it can also be harmful, pathogenic or marginal.

Using the example of Jesus we can see again and again how important it is for him to let people participate in social life. To enable belonging and participation is therefore a fundamentally Christian attitude with enormous impact. This sometimes also takes courage and moral courage to stand up against certain social trends and moods.

Impulse questions:

  • What do I associate with the two terms “connectedness” and “belonging”?
  • What can / must I do myself to belong?
  • Where / when do I feel connected? What feelings are associated with it?
  • Which social and societal fields of belonging and connectedness do I see?
  • What framework conditions are needed so that people can feel they belong?