Where can I find a monkey king

How a monkey becomes Buddha


Monkey King Sun Wukong is one of the main characters in the Chinese novel "Journey to the West". He not only served as a role model for his people: The children can tinker with him on Museum Night this evening and take him home. Here is his story to get you in the mood.

The king of the monkeys in the exhibition "Bima, Punch and Demon"

Once upon a time in China there was a stone egg from which a monkey hatched. From the beginning he was an ambivalent, supernatural being: "born from a rock, fertilized by the wind, created from the pure essences of the sky, the fine scents of the earth, the power of the sun and the grace of the moon". He fought by himself, survived and was therefore admired by the ape people. This even elected him king.

The one born from heaven

During his reign he noticed that his monkeys were getting older and weaker. He therefore did everything in his power to find a means for eternal life. For this he even went into the human world. There he found masters who taught him how to fight, how to fly and how to transform into all kinds of beings. They named him Sun Wukong, "the monkey born from heaven".

The Monkey King used his new powers not only for good. For example, he stole a magical iron rod in the Dragon King's castle because he wanted to become even stronger. In the underworld, he crossed his name and the entire ape people off the list of deaths in the book of life.

These deeds were not appreciated. The Lord of Heaven wanted to put him behind bars for this. The heavenly community, however, found it better to lure him to heaven by offering him the office of stable master. Sun Wukong felt honored and took office.

Ass forbidden fruits

But soon he found this office beneath the dignity of a king and left. The heavenly community then offered him responsibility for the trees that produced immortal peaches. Sun Wukong looked after the plantation very well, but when the fruit was ripe he ate from it and became immortal.

Sun Wukong and his companions on the journey to the west

Buddha was called to help and banished the monkey under a mountain for 500 years. It was only when the monk Xuanzang set out on the long journey to the west in the 7th century that Sun Wukong was released and was allowed to accompany him for purification. For 16 years they were on their way to India to get the holy scriptures of the Buddha for the emperor.

On another level

After the return the monk wrote a detailed travel report. To this day it is an important testimony to life back then. Over the centuries, legends and fairy tales have grown up around the pilgrimage - one of them is that of the Monkey King. Thanks to its intelligence, martial arts and magic powers, as well as good relations with heaven, the travelers survived all adventures, defeated evil demons, dragons and ghosts.

“The Journey to the West” can also be read on a philosophical level. Sun Wukong symbolizes the human heart, the improvement of which is the theme. In the beginning he is selfish and addicted to pleasure and resembles the demons he later fights. In the end, however, he becomes a Buddha himself.

Two model monkeys as they can be tinkered with on Museum Night

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