Is Mexico a democratic country and why

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The Federal House of Representatives, 15 state governors and a number of state and local parliaments will be elected on June 6, 2021.The United Mexican States is a federally structured presidential republic with 32 states. The 1917 constitution guarantees modern basic rights and a democratic constitutional state.

The states are ruled by directly elected governors. The President and his Federal Government can exert influence on the interests of the federal states, in particular through budgetary policy. Nevertheless, the federal states represent the culturally, historically and linguistically diverse Mexico. The indigenous minorities enjoy constitutional protection.

The Mexican parliament consists of two chambers (Senate and House of Representatives); eight parties are currently represented there.

The government of President López Obrador is pursuing an ambitious reform agenda, the first priority is the fight against corruption. The difficult security situation and frequent human rights violations remain major challenges.

In terms of foreign and trade policy, Mexico also plays an important role thanks to its location between the USA and Canada and Central America. The country will be a member of the United Nations Security Council in 2021/22.


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