How fast do roses grow

How fast do shrub roses grow?

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Can someone tell me how many inches of bush roses normally grow in a year? Just planted Snow White out of the container, how long does it take until she has reached a height of 1.20m? And what about Westerland? Is it growing faster? If you want a privacy screen quickly, is it best to plant two roses close together? Or do the bushes then hinder each other? (Westerland is supposed to be so huge ...)

Question after question from a rose greenhorn ...

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... I am not a specialist, but I would think that this question cannot be answered in such a general way. ; D
It is reported again and again that the growth of the individual roses can vary greatly. that can be because of the location, the ground or the companions, the weather, etc. so it is difficult to say how much a shrub rose has to grow in cm ... but maybe I will be taught better by other answers: D
Personally, I tend to say that most roses have settled in after about 3 years and in the further course of the process, the cut plays the greatest role instead of the fear that the rose will not develop well.
Roses should not be placed too close to each other because they are idiosyncratic: the roots give off a secretion that inhibits the growth of other roses. that's why you should also replace the earth if you put a rose in a place where there was a rose before ...
eich knows westerland and likes them too. it tends to bald in the lower area, which is why a radical cut is always very good here .. others let clematis grow into it, which is also very pretty.
snow white is also a beautiful and good variety, whose growth is a bit more delicate and whose foliage is more delicate compared to westerland. For this reason alone, I personally wouldn't put them too close to each other so that they stand out from one another instead of being visually oppressive, but well, that's also a matter of taste, no?
I hope my effusions helped you anyway
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In my opinion, the Westerland is not suitable as a privacy screen. As Rorobonn said, it tends to bald at the bottom and should be cut back deeply. Under these conditions it will be about 1 m high in me, but it does not have a nice spherical growth, even if it is a great flower color. You should be able to grow it as a climbing rose, but the flowers will then certainly only be at the top.
Snow White would also be too low for a privacy screen. My Snow White is now approx. 60 cm high and has been there for a good 2 years. The rose has been cut back slightly for better branching.

Hello Leantina

Snow White, as beautiful as she is, offers no privacy. This shrub rose remains comparatively small. As with Ulla, mine has been short for three years; I estimate about 1 m high. Too bad.

How about a Rambler as a privacy screen? Not every rambler needs a tree. A rambler can grow into a large shrub. The advantages?

A) it grows rapidly
B) he gets big
c) a real privacy screen
D) something new

Kind regards, cat

Hello Cat,

actually I wanted something that blooms permanently ... And ramblers only bloom for a month, right? Otherwise, the bushes are supposed to be on a rather windy slope on which until now only thujas are hanging around and I don't really know how to fix such a rambler, so completely free-standing. Ramblers on the post or something will probably just blow away, I'm afraid. Do you have any ideas?

Leantina, already very curious


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