Do we need pastors


Over 600 pastors work in congregations of the Federation of Evangelical Free Churches in Germany. The concrete tasks shape pastors themselves in consultation with their congregation. An essential task is the organization of the services and in particular the preaching. In addition to the Sunday services, there are many other forms of services or devotions (e.g. weddings, funerals, church services for those starting school). Pastors also promote knowledge about faith: in seminars and workshops, in Bible studies and Bible lessons for teenagers.

Pastors encounter a great leap of faith in pastoral care. People turn to her in very different situations. Often this happens on the occasion of so-called "casuals": baptism, marriage or funeral. They are always - whether happy or sad - a turning point in your own life. But also very personal problems, small or big questions, lead people to their pastor.

A community is part of its social environment and helps to shape it. Pastors therefore interfere in public debates. The social mission of the church is expressed in diakonia. Pastors are involved in many places: in education centers, public relations, fundraising, in the management of advice centers, hospitals or foundations, for example. Your spiritual work is linked to the tasks of non-profit management.

The leadership of the communities is in the hands of an elected community leadership. As a rule, the pastors also belong to it.

Pastors are professionally represented and advised by the trust council.

To training includes completing the master’s course in Protestant theology at the Elstal Theological University or an additional course there after previous theological training at another training institute.

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