How many colleges are there in Washington DC

To study in the United States or China, up to are available each year 21 places to disposal.

The exchange program includes one one semester stay at one of our six partner universities and the Exemption from the otherwise mandatory tuition feesup to $ 25,000.

A stay in the USA is limited to the American fall semester (August to December).

The George Washington University Law School, Santa Clara University School of Law, University of Pittsburgh School of Law and the Chicago-Kent College of Law also offer the opportunity to participate and credit the work already completed towards their LL.M. Program.

The exchange with our US partner universities is partially funded by the DAAD with scholarships.

The services provided in the USA are also applicable to the Augsburger LL.M. Law of the international economy can be taken into account.

Our partner universities

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA

Oldest state university in the USA, founded in 1789; approx. 20,000 students (with approx. 45,000 inhabitants), probably the most famous campus university in the USA; among the top 30 US law schools

George Washington University, Washington DC, USA

Founded in 1821; Law School in the immediate vicinity of the White House; special reputation in the field of "Intellectual Property Law"; among the top 30 US law schools; possibly crediting of the exchange semester towards an LL.M. in Washington (to be decided on a case-by-case basis)

Pepperdine University, Malibu, USA

Founded in 1937; Restriction to 650 full-time law students per year (from approx. 7,800 students); voted the most beautiful campus in the US several times; among the top 75 US law schools; Attendance of the Pepperdine Business School possible (among the top 50 US business schools)

The exchange program is unique! It includes a one-semester stay at one of our six partner universities and the waiver of the otherwise mandatory tuition fees of up to $ 20,000.

Prof. Dr. Thomas M.J. Möllers, specialist dean for international affairs

The Augsburg students Johanna Saelze and Felix Welzmüller who spent their fall 2019 semester at Santa Clara Law School received praise by the Santa Clara Law Faculty for their pro bono representation of a Honduran asylum seeker before the Board of Immigration Appeals.

Praise for Augsburg students in the Santa Clara Exchange Program.

Funding opportunities

There are numerous organizations and foundations that support studying abroad in the United States.

Here you will find an overview of the various funding options.

Further offers after the exchange

Even after the stay abroad, there are offers at the law faculty that tie in with studying in the USA.

Find out more about internships, seminars and LL.M.


Numerous experience reports from previous semesters as well as insider information about our partner universities provide assistance in preparing as best as possible for studying at the chosen partner university.

Recognition of achievements made abroad

The following applies to both law and ReWi students: If you have completed your work abroad, you can, under certain conditions, have it credited to your home study program.

Further information on crediting can be found in our guidelines.

In our “Guidelines” section, we provide answers to questions that students regularly receive.

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