Which fruits can improve my vision

Improve eyesight - 5 tips for efficient eye training

In order to improve our own eyesight, many of us only have to reach for glasses. However, if your eyes get worse, there is much more you can do to keep your eyes clear for a long time. In this article we will show you what that can look like in practice.

Eye training to improve eyesight

The older we get, the more our eyesight deteriorates.

  • According to the professional association of ophthalmologists, 63 percent of Germans need glasses because both the lens and the muscles become weaker with age. Eye diseases such as glaucoma or cataracts can also occur.
  • Our complex sensory organs can quickly become irritated and dry. This becomes particularly clear after a long day at the office. We have to blink more often to keep the eye moist.
  • According to the professional association of ophthalmologists, eye training does not replace glasses, but it can bring relief in the case of ametropia.
  • Watching TV very little and not reading in bad light is something we all know as advice. But exercises such as rolling your eyes in both directions or blinking quickly several times in a row are also considered tips for better vision.

5 tips for your eye training

You can easily contribute to improving eyesight yourself.

  1. Getting enough sleep is essential for good vision. When closed, the eyes have a break and can recover. The eye muscles also relax in the process. However, if you suffer from sleep apnea, i.e. nocturnal pauses in breathing, you have an increased risk of developing glaucoma due to the lack of oxygen it causes.
  2. A balanced diet also contributes to good eyesight. Fruit and vegetables that are particularly rich in vitamins should therefore be on your menu every day. You should also ensure that you drink enough fluids in the form of water, fruit spritzers or teas.
  3. Relaxing exercises, such as those done in autogenic training or yoga, lower eye pressure. Regular endurance sport also has this effect. People with a glaucoma benefit in particular.
  4. In order to relax your eyes in between, you can counteract this with your own hands, especially during strenuous screen work. To do this, arch both palms of your hands and place them over your eyes for two minutes without touching the eyelids. This darkens the closed eyes and gives you a chance to relax while you breathe deeply.
  5. To train the elasticity of your eyes, you can alternately fix a point in the distance and then a very close point. You can repeat this exercise several times. Regular eye training can improve your eyesight, but it doesn't always replace glasses in the long run.

Itching of the eyes of the eyes can have many causes and should always be assessed by a specialist doctor. Information on this topic can be found in another post.