How does Kaufland compare with Aldi

The food retail trade is considered to be systemically relevant in the Corona crisis. But how much do employees at Lidl, Aldi, Rewe, Edeka and Kaufland actually earn?

  • Lidl, Aldi, Rewe, Edeka and Kaufland are employers for many employees - even in the Corona crisis *.
  • How much do the employees at the individual dealers earn in comparison?
  • The job portal Glassdoor has evaluated data for this. Here is the result.

Employees in the discounter - that's how high the salary at Lidl and Aldi is

The Grocery retail applies in the Corona crisisas systemically relevant for basic services. Last but not least, the employees in the Supermarkets ensure that we continue despite the exit restrictions Food able to buy.

How well do the employees at the individual dealers earn? This question was investigated by the job portal Glassdoor, which claims to have evaluated current salary information (in the period from August 1, 2018 to July 31, 2019) of people who work in the food retail sector.

Here is a ranking of the five chainsoriginated in Germany, who pay their employees in this country the highest basic salaries (gross), as the portal currently reports. One of the results is: "Lidl is at the top with a gross annual salary of 41,780 euros. "The median of the salary information on Glassdoor is decisive for the order.

Salary at Edeka, Rewe and Kaufland - retail food is systemically relevant

The discounters Lidl and Aldi are, according to the portal, "top in terms of payment in food retailing": "While Lidl with a Gross annual salary The competition is quite clearly distant of 41,780 euros Aldiwith 37,780 euros and Rewe With 37,224 euros a head-to-head race for second place. "

Glassdoor also reports on the evaluation: "Edeka with 27,269 euros and Kaufland with 26,777 euros land quite clearly behind the other players Earnings vary greatly depending on the profession and area of ​​responsibility fail, the experts admit, however. While a sales manager at Lidl could earn an average of 83,134 euros gross annually, according to the salary information on Glassdoor, a salesperson would have to get by on around 29,000 euros.

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Grocery Retail: Other Sectors Pay Better

There has been a lot of discussion about the salary level in the food retail trade in recent weeks - "and in fact it is rather low compared to other industries", the portal takes stock and makes a comparison: The Finnish telecommunications company Nokia, the company with the currently highest gross base salary in Germany according to Glassdoor, pays its employees an average of 93,440 euros annually, more than twice as much as Lidl. The Deutsche Bank as the "leader" in terms of salary among the financial companies still transfers 68,544 euros gross per year to his employees, the message goes on to say.

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Supermarkets open - even in the corona crisis

Another aspect is "also noteworthy", according to Glassdoor: "According to the analysis, all the companies in the food retail sector under review are below the average gross base salary of full-time employees in Germany, which in 2019 was EUR 47,928."

According to the portal, this "large gap" between earning potential and the current importance that all employees in the industry have, "has probably also prompted a large number of supermarket chains Extra bonus payments in view of the Corona crisis *. "For example, Rewe has announced payments totaling 20 million euros, reports" The Schwarz Group also wants to reward its employees for their commitment. "As reported, the Federal Minister of Finance has meanwhile announced in The prospect that bonuses of 1,500 euros per employee could be treated tax-free.

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Bonuses for employees: make systemically relevant jobs more attractive through better salaries

Felix Altmann, career expert at Glassdoor, emphasizes: "Now employers can get through Appreciation, including financial ones, lay the foundation for the perception of the industry to change permanently. Then the jobs that are undoubtedly available could soon not only be perceived as systemically relevant and crisis-proof, but also arouse desires among talented people in normal times. "

About the methodology of the aforementioned evaluation, Glassdoor specifically states: "The analysis of the ranking includes salary information on Glassdoor, which was submitted by employees in Germany for the companies between August 1, 2018 and July 31, 2019. Serves as a yardstick for the order The median of all gross basic salaries specified for the respective company. Using the salary information located in the middle of all the information (median) prevents biases due to very high or low salary information. For this to be taken into account, the companies had to have at least 25 salary information on Glassdoor in Observation period are available. "

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The discounter Aldi scores again in the Corona crisis with a new hygiene offer *. This time the discounter surpasses them all.

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