What is your favorite vacation music?

Vacation with a difference

What to do when traveling becomes more and more difficult or is no longer possible? Do you just stay in your own four walls and relax on the balcony? Not if there is another way! This star text informs about new trends in vacation behavior.

Holiday in the corona year 2020

Germans, Austrians and Swiss like to travel to places where there is plenty of sunshine and the beach is not far away, for example to the Spanish Mediterranean island of Mallorca. Hiking and skiing holidays in the mountains, city trips or attending major events are also very popular. But then the coronavirus broke out, which in spring 2020 reached all European countries and soon the whole world and made vacation travel almost impossible.

Development of overnight stays in tourism in Germany

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Of course, tourism also collapsed in almost all regions within Germany, as this graphic shows. How did people react to that? This is followed by two reports on the subject of holidays in 2020.

Ben, student from Greven:Tom, therapist from Berlin:

These are the experiences of individuals. However, trends can also be observed that were caused or exacerbated by the corona crisis. Three of these are presented in the following section.

Alternative forms of vacation - wherever the road leads us

Germany is a car country. This can also be seen in the fact that over 70 percent of holidaymakers drive to their holiday destination by car or make the car their holiday home. It is particularly popular with young adults or families with children to enjoy the individuality of travel and the freedom to change location with a caravan or a small bus, which is colloquially known as a "Bulli". Depending on the time and desire, adventurous people drive their car around the world. Often they are on the road for several months or even years, even with children.

You can be spontaneous when traveling by car. If you like a place, you just stay there and stand by a lake, on campsites or designated parking spaces in city centers. A trip by car means a variety of tourist opportunities and experiences. Since one is mobile, many sights of a region can be visited. It is also convenient not to have to carry luggage. It just goes in the trunk.

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Travel around the world has not been possible since the beginning of the pandemic. However, many chose the car or mobile home option to take at least a small overnight trip when campsites, hotels and guest houses were closed. So too Caro:

My garden - my kingdom!

Allotment garden or garden division - this is the name given to an area on the outskirts that consists of many small gardens. These allotments often have a small house, and there is also space for fruit trees or for growing vegetables. They have a tradition that goes back over a hundred years in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as shown by the very different regional names: an allotment garden can also be called an allotment garden, dacha, arbor or Bünt. Originally, the gardens were intended for recreation and for the self-sufficiency of the poor urban population who lived in small apartments without a garden. In this role they played an important role in World War II and in the post-war years. Later it was no longer considered cool to spend your free time with fruit and vegetables, and so it came about that mainly old people had an allotment garden.

But that has changed in recent years: More and more young people and families with small children want to buy or lease an allotment garden. In the growing cities in particular, demand is now much higher than supply. Use has also changed: self-sufficiency is still relevant, especially in times of crisis. But there are also many gardens in which today, instead of vegetable patches, there are playgrounds, swimming pools, table tennis tables or trampolines.

You can have a great vacation in such a garden. Some garden owners even offer their little paradise on the online platforms Couchsurfing or AirBnB and earn new friends and some money with them. The possibilities for unforgettable, natural experiences are numerous: Guitar by the campfire? No problem. Why not build a tree house? Or a sweat lodge: Lots of wood, a few blankets and stones that you heat in the fire - your own garden sauna is ready!

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When vacation means party - no matter where and how

People who like to dance and party will find many offers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland: Berlin, with its numerous dance clubs, is a popular destination for techno fans from all over the world. The most legendary club is called Berghain. The world's largest music festival, the Danube Island Festival, is held in Vienna, and the Street Parade in Zurich is one of the largest festivals for electronic music. Camping for several days, experiencing concerts and workshops or just hanging out - that can be fun.

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It goes without saying that such major events cannot take place during a pandemic. What do all those who like to spend their holidays or vacations at festivals or clubs do? This is where the internet can offer comfort with its live streaming ability. The video chat app Zoom has particularly benefited from the crisis: It is not only used by many companies, schools and universities for work meetings, but also for Zoom parties. A DJ plays his music, for example from home, the set is broadcast live on the Internet, and any number of guests can join in via mobile phone or PC. You can hear good music, see the others dancing on the screen and use the chat function to come into contact with everyone or with individuals.

Of course, online parties cannot replace real meetings with friends. When clubs and festivals are closed and you can only meet at a distance, Silent Discos offer an attractive opportunity to dance together anyway. All participants need headphones for this. A particular advantage is that several DJs can play at the same time and everyone can listen to their favorite music on the headphones. Silent discos have been around for a long time because they don't have the problem of noise pollution like normal dance events. But in times when normalcy is not possible, the alternatives are gaining popularity. For example, a large headphone party took place in July 2020 on Tempelhofer Feld, a former airport in Berlin with a lot of space. Here is the impression of a visitor:


Which holiday trends will remain current even after the corona crisis? Are the presented forms of vacation real alternatives to mass tourism or are they just a stopgap solution in difficult times? It is probably too early to answer these questions because the crisis is not over yet. But there are already opinions, such as those of Ben and Caro:

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