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The world's first live news channel for motorsport goes live

( - Motorsport Network, the digital leader in motorsport and automotive coverage with 56 million monthly viewers, will launch the world's first live motorsport and automotive news channel.

© Motorsport Network Live offers ongoing coverage of the latest Zoom Live will provide the latest news from around the world on the network’s OTT platform The service is broadcast from studios in London and Miami. There is a news update every full and half hour, which is framed by additional content.

Similar to other popular live news channels, a constantly updated ticker in the bottom third will show the latest headlines, breaking news and quotes from key people.

As part of Motorsport Network's global motorsport and automotive coverage, the live channel will cover news from around the world and focus on major motorsport series and events such as Formula 1, Formula E, Le Mans 24 Hours, NASCAR and Focus on IndyCar. Interesting topics from other categories are also brought into focus.

The live channel will start as a pilot project in the week from Monday, March 29, after the first Formula 1 Grand Prix of the season in Bahrain, and will be expanded further in the following months. The live news updates will start in April and the full live news service will start in late summer.

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Top series such as Formula 1 are the focus of LiveZoom

In addition to the live stream on the platform, the channel will also use the embeddable player. With this tool, clips and short videos from the live channel are embedded in relevant posts on the leading Motorsport Network websites,,,, and Inside EVs and in social ones Channels pushed.

The platform has experienced significant growth in the past 12 months and has become the online contact point for motorsport and automobile fans. A large number of leading brands and series have launched official partner channels. These include Ferrari, Mercedes, NASCAR, Porsche, WRC, Audi, Lamborghini, Jaguar, BTCC, RCCO World eX and many more, all of which were supported by the content and sales company Motorsport Studios.

You can also fall back on the industry leader Motorsport Images, the world's largest motorsport image archive with 26 million images, including a complete coverage of the 70-year history of Formula 1 with images from every Grand Prix. Live will be fully integrated into Motorsport Network's digital ecosystem, which reaches 56 million unique users per month. Direct-to-consumer content is becoming increasingly popular. Motorsport Network continues to listen to its audience and focus on their needs.

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Highlights such as the 24h Le Mans are another focus areaZoom

There are plans to expand coverage with live esports news, live coverage of race weekends, and personality-led news feature shows. Further developments towards a 24-hour live reporting with locations in Asia or Australia and additional language versions are also planned. The industry leading website is currently available in 15 languages.

James Allen, President of Motorsport Network, said, "We always promise to move fast and be distinctive, and this latest initiative from Motorsport Network takes our industry-leading digital coverage of motorsport and automotive to the next level. The strategy for this is." multiple pillars: It provides a live news service on a streaming platform that fans can easily access from any device to get the latest news. "

"In addition, the regular release of relevant up-to-date video clips from the Service, which we will embed on our racing and automotive websites and social channels, will significantly increase the amount of short video content we can offer users on these platforms."

"Audience interactivity, social media and social listening are built into the offering from the start. I've been working in TV since the early 1990s, and what we're doing in this area today with remote operations technology and software that was developed out of necessity during the pandemic is amazing. "